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  • mushrooms and zen

    uiuiui... a few days only until I get out of town in order to travel to the US. There seems to be a mountain of things to get done before that.

    Today, I will pour some air du désert marocain into bottles. Actually, I am not really pouring it, but more pushing it out  of a 10 liter dispenser. I was thinking about getting an air pressure operated liquid dispenser for a while, but the cost/benefit ratio did not really make sense (yet). Putting the labels on takes much more time than pushing the liquid in. So I will push some desert air into bottles and crimp them with the manual crimping tool. This is pretty repetitive and I have friends who tell me to outsource this to free resources  for more creative endeavors:Spend a bit money, to safe time that I can then use to come up with new things.

    Yesterday, when walking through warm October rain in the woods and enjoying the sights and smells of Fall, I figured that I need to make sure not to have enough time for creative endeavors. I sometimes feel that I have too many ideas already now and that it might better focusing a bit more on each of them, in detail and depth.  And, looking at me filling bottles and putting labels onto bottles, there is another aspect.

    It is total meditation. zen like sinking into another world. Sort of.

    And there is yet another aspect: By doing it myself, I can really keep costs down and be super flexible. Be it just a few $ in the end: I prefer to put these coins into the flacon, or offering the flacon for a better price, than paying someone pushing the juice into the flacon. But, of course, one fine day, this will change, simply because there will be too many bottles to fill.

    Anyhow: Filling bottles is zen.

    Thus, today, I will sit mostly in the factory and meditate. Things to grind and put into perspectives in my head these days: I need to come up with an idea what I want inside a leporello that I want to get done by  spring next year, going with every product.( a leporello is like a folded brochure, kind of zigzag folded.) And I will think about a few "latest" trials. Like the gardenia version 8.1.1 that needs to mature but nevertheless ends up on my skin and under my nose on a daily basis. There, in version 8.1.1 is a hint of a mushroom note, but not cheesy, more like a real subtle little mushroom sitting innocently inside an immaculate flower. The other night, I got the biggest compliment for this trial, but it was not related to any little mushrooms sitting there. So this little fellow is hiding. Which is good. This is one of the oddities in perfumery: You add notes in a way that hides them, but you need to make sure that the notes are there.

    Anyhow, I will also need to come up with some ideas how to deal with Europe's deepening crisis. I guess it is time to really look for other markets outside of the Euro zone. But that's another issue. And I guess I will meditate on this one when flying over the Atlantic.

    So that's been a lot of topics for one post: Time to get busy....And with that I would like to made a link to today's picture: a cluster of unknown mushrooms, sitting innocently in the woods these days.

  • quack

    this week was a communication week. For sure. Maybe it was almost a bit too much. Thus, when jogging yesterday, I was thinking that most of the stuff that I talk all day long is not really important. And that if I could only communicate 500 words a day I would for sure come up with more relevant things to say. The ease and speed of our communication does not really add quality to what comes out. Thus, today will be a day with limited communcation. Just a few words.

    Instead, I am looking forward to doing the real thing: Mixing fragrant trials. I think I mentioned "gardenia" a couple of times. Here, things are on hold as I need to wait to the last trial's maturation. I should give it another week or so. On my way to this last version, I sort of cheated, not giving the various versions enough time: I was confident to see and feel the mistakes in the formula before maturation... But the last version demands my patience now.

    Thus, no gardenia mixing today, but .... I think I will head forward and put my hand on the tuberose absolute and see what I can get done there.

    I wish you a lovely October weekend. Enjoy!

    Quack !


  • I like it that way

    Yesterday was a lovely evening, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about what happened to me the last 11 years, in front of about 30 ladies and gentlemen, all new to the world of artisanal perfumery. To be honest: I enjoy talking about myself and the story of how I started creating perfumes. Initially, most of you might know this already, I was hooked up by the book "Essence and Alchemy" by Mandy Aftel. And thus, I was making my very first steps towards creating perfumes using all natural ingredients, essential oils, absolutes, resins, but no isolated natural molecules. Looking back to the first two years - I think I started employing single molecules, synthetics, about 2 years after my first perfume creating steps - looking back I feel that this was a perfect school for me and has influenced everything scented that I created so far.

    For me it was the natural way. I remember the strange look on many friend's faces when I started creating perfumes. Creating Perfumes? Really? It was odd and special. These days,  more than 10 years later, it seems to become more common as a leisure activity and hobby. Interesting!  A lot of things shift and change these days. And I bet: It is due to the internet. A world in constant accelerated change due to a highly disruptive (information) technology. I like it that way.

    But back to my thinking about perfumes and what happened these last years. After my talk, on my way back through a dark night, with a lot of stars twinkling on a beautiful sky, I wondered why I still think in naturals when creating scents, although by now, my formulas are 50% synthetics. Why so? I do not really know, to be honest. I appreciate the beauty and the endless possiblities of synthetics, but I love and think in naturals. Every perfume that I create in my mind has a core structure of naturals and the synthetics follow afterwards, filling up holes, adding context, depth, another dimension. But I feel that the way how I started my creative venture still guides what I do. (Pentachords are an exception!)

    Thus, after my speech, yesterday, about how it all started, I was reflecting a bit for myself about the journey I was on the last few years. Amazing. Simply amazing.

    So I showed, during my speech, for instance, the first bottle that I used to fill the air du désert marocain. You can still find a picture of it on basenotes. I do not say "flacon" but rather "bottle" and this IS a bottle. Not that I am ashamed of this part of my brand's history. It is how we started. But it is really....well: Simple. And looking back, from a safe 7 year's distance: It was simply not enough.

    When starting this creative venture, I was so naiv. Lucky me: Otherwise I would have never started it.

    In a certain sense, I still am, pretty much, naiv. I like it that way.

    Today's picture: Candles on an oriental table, seen yesterday.

  • on talking perfumes

    Tonight, I will give a presentation for the Rotary Club, a ladies evening, with one theme: Air du désert marocain. I was asked to give this speech about 7 months ago and gladly accepted the invitation as I soon found out that I am not only welcome to talk for 45 minutes about how and why I became a perfumer, and how it is to be an artist in this domain. But I was also welcomed to indulge the senses and show some fragrant treats. So, I will show rose and jasmine, some wood and ambra, and give a talk about my life of the last few years.

    And I will give a goodie to the 30 attendants: A discovery set with five samples. Including Une Rose chyprée, Incense rosé, Rose vermeille, Orange Star and L'air du désert marocain(TM). Today's picture shows you how they appear out of the dark of the night, yesterday, when I was preparing them. The attentive reader of this blog might realize today, that "L'AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN" appears the first time with a TM. So, yes....

    I applied for protection of the mark, starting in the US. This scent is on the market since 7 years now. Amazing! And it became very important to me. It has become an integral part of my range and I could probably stop with every other perfume, but not with this one. As I am on the market in the US since 7 years, I have some pretty good protection of the name anyhow. But by registration of the brand name, I want to make very clear that this is mine. And that I will defend the mark and the brand. You might also look at it as a reaction to being copied a bit too much. And all the nonsense about the flattery being copied: Please no: It is simply not right. The W.-factor always says that words do not belong to anybody. But actually this is not true. Words belong to those who use them for their products the first time and who are protecting them. That's the name of the game.

    To some extend I hate it to spend thousands of $ yearly to protect marks and ideas. I 'd prefer to invest in scents and bottles. But then, again, that's the name of the game.

    So... I will give a speach. And while I talk about desert air, Brian Pera , indie movie maker from memphis, father of Tableau de Parfums and the creator of the universe of the movie Woman's Picture speaks on the blog of Ronny -Scents and Sensibility- about perfume, film, our collaboration and how to conceptualize perfume in film.  It is sure worth a read and I do not mind if you leave this blog now. In the contrary: Byebye, now!

    And yes, Scent and Sensibility offers the Tableau de Parfums scents in the UK now. Thus, finally, all of you who wanted to test and sample them, can do so in a few days from now.

    What I always realize when reading Brian talk about our collaboration and the perfumes and his way of looking into them, and their relation to the film, the characters, the mood, the colors, the sound therein: I am actually clueless when it comes to my scents. It is not really modesty: I learn from Brian and others who experience my creations and who reflect about them that I do not have the tool kit at hand to explain them. I guess the bottom line really is:

    Do not ask the creator about his creations.

    While waiting for the train later in the afternoon, bringing me to the Rotary Club, I will work on a few ideas, following my inspiration, without even trying to understand.




  • shipping

    Today, I am preparing customs papers for a lot of different shipments from here to there. And when not typing numbers into forms and making sure that all the number make sense: sniffing paper strips, dipped into golden, yellow or orange liquids, smelling of tuberose and gardenia. Actually, I prefer sniffing to typing, but then: The typing is needed to support and finance the sniffing.

    Fragrant greetings from behind a pile of commercial invoices.

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