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  • moon and other impressive sights

    The moon yesterday was really impressive. And so was Rome last week. A couple of millenniums at your fingertip, sort of, and a city that is like a living palimpsest. All the churches, former temples, Roman bricks, and Renaissance houses remind in the vanity of beauty and power. All the cardinals and popes and worldly rulers in the glorious paintings in the many churches are dead and silent and in some sense nobody really cares for them anymore. Rome is actually a nice memento that things change, that nothing is made to last and that the future builds on the past.

    I talked to a lot of perfume lovers while in Rome and a few strangers. The crisis was on many's lips. Contrary to a year ago: The crisis has arrived in the heads and this is usually when things start getting worse. But then, if there is something one can learn in Rome, it is that things change, and I am sure that the crisis will be a change for many, too. And a chance. And be it only a chance for society to prove that we care for the young and old and weak and that we are all willing to share and give a part of what we have for the wellbeing of others.

    Yes, a few things need to change in Italy, in Europe. And I think it is time to start changing now.

    The reason why I was in Rome: I presented Miriam, the first fragrance from the Tableau de Parfums series, at Campomarzio 70. You can have a look at how lovely this was in the picture folder of Campomarzio's facebook site. It was a wonderful evening. We all enjoyed the hospitality of Campomarzio 70 at via vittoria. And we enjoyed the fragrance and the movie story that inspired Miriam.

    And I talked officially about art. But I guess that is going to be a topic for tomorrow's post. Now, it is time to get into gears again and pack perfume. And think about a few design things that are utterly important to me but nobody will care about them anymore in 100 years. Or maybe somebody will?

  • man in a park in Rome

    Today's picture shows you in too small a size a scan copy of a black and white picture that I took in 1988 while visiting Rome for a few days. This is now 24 years ago. It is a picture of men in a park and while searching for it this morning, I realized again how fast time flies and how fast things change. I haven't done an analogous photo since ages. If you have a facebook account you can have a look at this picture in a touch better resolution on my andy tauer page.

    I think there is a different quality in and of analogous photos. Maybe it is imagination, but I feel that looking through the lens of an analogous camera is different than through a digital camera. Maybe knowing that you have to wait for the result, pay for each picture you take, maybe this is part of the difference. The same is true for writing, I think. Writing a letter by hand feels different and the result is different, compared to writing by using a machine interface.

    So things change and the way we see the world and talk about it depends on the interface we are using to explore and see.

    I send you fragrant greetings, and will be back on this blog after my return from Rome.


  • labor day

    Tomorrow, I will fly to Rome, to launch Miriam and Tableau de Parfum. This will be fun, but today is labor day and I got up before six to celebrate this day with work. This was an hour and a few mails ago and in a few moments I will leave for the factory, to finish with the Incense extreme where I stopped yesterday. I filled my 200+ bottles and now I will polish them, put the stickers on, the lot information on the bottom and the should sticker, and the beech wood top and then they go into a box and wait patiently until they go into boxes. This should not keep me busy for too long.

    I will then make some samples and get home again, to continue here.

    So tomorrow:  A cheap flight from Basel, a special offer for a hotel, a few hours for myself in the evening and then on Thursday, starting at 5pm, there is a get together at via Vittoria, in CampoMarzio's Essential Gallery. I will present the fragrance, and more important -because in the end everybody can and should make her and his own ideas about the scent- the collaboration with Memphis based movie maker Brian Pera who initiated this whole project and builds a multiverse bringing art of all sorts together. More on this, the latest film projects, fragrance projects and more on .

    One nice aspect about Rome is: It is about the 20th or so times that I go there. When I was in my twenties, I was going there at least once a year. Back then by train, over night. Thus, I know my way a little bit, where to go for a jog, and my Italian has improved to a level that allows me to order a beer. Well, I guess I could do better there. But then: I prefer to jog in the woods instead of learning Italian grammar.

    Happy labor day to you'all!



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