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  • green

    today's picture shows you a look into the sun through a veil of green beech leaves. I was out for a hike yesterday, enjoying the sun and a stretch of blue sky that was hold in place by southern winds rushing over the mountains. On my walk up, I sort of went backwards in time and could enjoy spring flowers again that have bloomed down in Zurich a while ago. Early on my walk up, I came through this beech tree group. Their green is amazingly soft and light. I wonder what perfume would go with them, and what name? Beech trees in May, Fagus sylvatica? Fagus is nice.

    But the biggest olfactorial impression made a lilac bush at the end of the 5 hours hike, down in the valley. A violet variety with a perfume that was simply amazing. Sweet, very sweet and diffusive, yet delicate. According to Bo Jensen and his references on head space done on lilac, a lot of this diffusive quality is due to benzyl methyl ether. I need to check this later, at some point. Bo's site is a great starting point for anybody interested in natural scents and which molecules are involved for instance that a lilac smells of lilac.

    Today's focus is however less on creating new perfumes but rather on blunt factory stuff . Later highlights will be continuing on packaging design and following up on some ideas there. AThus, as soon as the online shop orders are out I will head to the factory to bottle Incense extrême, and if time allows, to make some samples. I need to hurry up a bit, as a good part of this week sees me in Rome, where I will officially launch Miriam, from Tableau de Parfums. I guess I will talk about Rome tomorrow. Have a great start into your week!

  • columbines in bloom and launches

    Here in Zurich, we are enjoying summer temperatures and winds from the south that rush over the mountains to speed up spring in the plane. Thus, the columbines that I have in my "garden" and came without me doing anything are in full bloom. So are the tulips and the lilac and the air is filled with spring's fragrant delights.  A multitude of perfumes is in the air. One more beautiful than the other. The same is true when it comes to the so called niche perfume market.

    At least as far as multitude is concerned.  Too many launches. Entire lines or new brands starting with 10 or more fragrances. I stopped using the term niche for my fragrances a while ago, as I feel sort of disconnected the longer the more with what is usually called niche. I discussed with many friends and business partners. It is too much these days. And the niche industry is putting itself in a risky position of actually destroying its market by overwhelming/boring/exhausting its clients with pseudo conceptional fragrant niche stories.

    In a sense, we might talk of  an irrational exuberance here, heated and nourished by some, not made to last because it is unsustainable. It is like a market in bubble mode.

    I personally feel that the signs are on the wall and on some of the blogs already. To be frank: It does not bother me too much. But if you put yourself in the shoes of a perfumery then it is different. This and a few other things were on my mind when making the sketch of a columbine blooming in my garden. This time with a different app, not brushes for ipad, but sketchbook pro. Quite a nice app, too. I wish you a lovely weekend.


  • after the packaging show

    Fragrant greetings from Zurich! This was a busy week so far and has seen me here and there. Here = computer and factory. There= packaging fair and exhibition. Now, that was sort of cool. You would not believe how many packaging machines there are and how cool they are. If we ever reach a sales level where thousands of bottle leave the factory on a weekly basis: Nothing easier than that.

    The real challenge is actually a factory where you do things in low volume and a few pieces at a time. But the good news from this year's fair for me was the many label printers. Things definitely change there. It becomes the longer the easier to print high quality labels, in colors, for a reasonable price, by oneself.  By mid 2013 at the latest the EU regulations for import of cosmetics into the European Community change and with these changes I  will change at the latest some information on my packaging labels. Some of the packaging labels will need customization for other markets, too and I look forward to partly print these myself in 2013.

    Having said that: by the end of 2012 I will change part of the packaging anyhow and will need new labels for the changed packaging. Designing this new packaging, coming up with an optimized concept for a box that is less sensitive to dents and damages and easier to pack and store: This will be the task of the coming months, and this will keep me busy. The core decisions have been taken, though. We stick to metal, but change the form and shape. For this I met -together with my designer- with my Swiss metal box packaging supplier. I can't wait to outline the details.

    Another highlight at the packaging fair were a few high end cardboard exhibits. Simply amazing. But unfortunately: Out of my budget. I was particularly impressed by a company that presented cardboard boxes with magnetic lids , that were made for a Dubai hotel, for one chocolate piece, complimentary presented to their guests in their suites. Just wow.

    Today's picture shows you another wow moment: The sunset at the campsite where I stayed in Joshua Tree. And below is another picture. This guy looks nicer than he is: He has actually stolen a piece of a cucumber from my diner table.



  • back from Joshua Tree National Park

    I am back from my trip to the Joshua Tree National Park.  I am pretty busy catching up, but I want to share a few impressions with you. Joshua Tree is wonderful and the light of the desert, the shapes and forms of the plants and stones is so inspiring. I ended up doing a few sketches on my ipad. I published some of these on Facebook already.

    I hope you will enjoy this selection. The picture to the left is how I imagined the sun rising over the Atlantic ocean.













  • proximity

    I am off for a few days, in close proximity to this stone. I wish you a nice and fragrant week.

  • bear's garlic

    On Friday, I diluted the next batch of the fragrance ZETA - a linden blossom theme-, and put a few drops onto my skin, after pouring the 20 liters into 2 aluminum cans. Just to test the scent and because I have not worn ZETA for a quite a while, almost forgot about  it. I told this the journalist the other day, too. Once a scent is finished and bottled and on the shelves it becomes a thing of the past and I kind of forget about it.

    Thus, last Friday, I sort of discovered the linden blossom theme a little bit again. OK: I am totally biased, but I loved it. And I sort of figured out that the linden blossom extract that I use in the ZETA fragrance might be a good starting point for a room spray. Or a splash. Ha! Another idea.

    But not a candle. Although I smell Tilleuls au vent by L'artisan parfumeur right now. I bought the little 35 gr version of this linden blossom scented candle because I liked its scent a lot, and have it sit on my office table. But I did not light it so far. I just enjoy smelling it the way it is, unburnt. Actually, after yesterday's sudden, unexpected, frantic cleaning attack it is one of the very few things that sit on my office desk. I removed of most trials and papers and books and have room for new things again. At some point, while planing my departure tomorrow, I realized that I do not want to come back in a week from now to this desk. Thus, I am proud owner of an empty desk for a few days.

    This is probably the last post for a while, as I leave Zurich tomorrow and as I am rather busy until then. One of the activities: Collecting Bear's Garlic in the woods.

    The result of this activity you see here: Bear's Garlic pesto for ten spaghetti dinners. Hmmmm. A lovely Sunday to you all. (and the picture to the left shows you the bear's garlic as it grows in the woods these days)


  • rituals

    Here is another picture of an orchid that blooms in the house of tauer right now. The size of the flower is only around 1 cm and it is a bit of a weirdo orchid. It looks funny and the color is mostly brownish-green. I got it years ago in an exhibition as baby and after two, or three years it blooms every year in spring. During the summer I neglect it recklessly outside, in the shade and bring the orchid inside again in October/November. This is one of the yearly rituals around here, later in May, half of my orchids will get moved outside.

    Another yearly ritual is my thinking about launches for early next year or end this year. I have a few possibilities, and am not decided, yet. But I think the rose, aldehydic, with an incense line, fine sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, hints of Jasmine and citrus, and much more woven into a light airy sparkling fabric, I think this is a good candidate. If I start thinking about it now, I might come to a decision in May and can start getting things ready for launch early next year. That sounds like a good plan. But I need to investigate concentrations again. I am not entirely convinced to do an eau de parfum here.  We will see. And I think it is time for another perfume in the classics range by the time I will be ready.

    Another ritual will be missed. I will miss March's posts on . I can clearly see why, and I think it is  a wise decision of her, but her voice will be missed. March is cool and I hope to read from time to time a post, nevertheless.

    Ah, and yes: The winners of the last draw got their mails. If you did not get a mail from me by now, then somebody else won. But another draw follows for sure.

  • another picture, and another mentioning of the aldehydic rose

    Before I start today's post: Today is your last chance to enter the draw. If you have not commented on the draw post: Do it following this link (not on this post here, and not in facebook) now.In a few hours the draw will be closed.

    Here's another orchid picture for you. No tulips today as it is raining and I do not like to take picture in the rain. It is enough butch spirit to ride the bike in the rain to the tauerville's factory. I will spend most of my time there, filling Rêverie au jardin bottles and making orders ready for shipment. This is what I did the last few days and this is what I will continue doing until next week when I will say bye for a while. Thus, I sit in the factory , and pour juice into bottles and put labels on and polish them and put them into boxes and the boxes into larger boxes.  And if I am getting bored, I sniff some perfume.  Experiment things that I have cooking in the lab. Like my "aldehydic rose" that I love so much and that needs a name.

    During my week in the desert I will think about what to do in the next future with some of my experimental fragrances that I consider finished or close to finished. I need some sort of a master plan there. Thus, high hopes that the high desert will provide ideas and inspiration. For sure it will provide pictures to take home with me, on the pad and on the camera's SD card.

    Today's picture: I took the picture over the weekend, in the living room, using my Nikon, slightly overexposing the orchid flower against the sky as background. Later I changed to black and white and added some contrast in photoshop.



  • Happy rabbit post Easter give away

    This draw is closed. Congratulations to the winners. The winners will get an e-mail in the coming hours.

    Thank you to all of you who participated and good luck the next time!


    OK. There we go again. The Easter bunny is a  free rabbit again and happy because the Easter job is done. It has become sort of a tradition to celebrate this with a little draw. There we go: You can win, if your comment is picked by, either one of three full bottles, packed and shipped,   any fragrance at your choice from the Tauer or Tableau de Parfums line. Or  you can win one of three sample discovery sets with five samples at your choice from the Tauer line of scents. Please be aware that I cannot offer fragrances for the draw that are not on a  regular product such as Dark Passage or Orris.

    What do you have to do to win: not much, just leave a comment here. On this blog, on this post and say something, for instance what you think about rabbits with a neck scarf. I think they are cute and rare.

    I pay for shipment and all Swiss taxes, and declare your win as gift for customs, but please be aware that depending on your country of residence, you might end up paying VAT or other local taxes. We cannot pay for these.

    You are free to participate independent of your country of residence.

    By leaving a comment you allow me to contact you, if you win, by e-mail. Please make sure to leave a correct e-mail address for that.

    Here's the deal: We will not use your address or any other information to contact you later. Nor will I pass any information to any third party. We will only use any information that you leave in order to contact you, in case you win. For more details on your privacy: Please check our privacy statement here. Click here.

    The draw is open for a few days. Once closed, it will say in the post. Please do not contact me for free samples if you do not win. I will not bother answering your mails.

    Good luck to you all!

  • factory air

    Fragrant greetings from the factory, where we pack air du désert and fill Pentachord AUBURN bottles. Today's picture shows you a how the packing table looks from the top, and the helping hands of the W.-factor. And there is another reason why I am in the factory: I need to clean up a bit and get ready for a visit from a journalist together with a photographer who happens to be my neighbor. They are working on stories of self made men and women who live their dream and follow their visions.

    I guess that's what I did and still do, and I am looking very much forward to sharing how exactly this works in the Tauer factory and how we got there. Today, looking over my micro empire, looking over the shelves boxes and bottles, I sort of felt happy. We may be a small company, where the head of marketing and sales and production and communication and more is one person, but nevertheless: We are there. And proud to be different. Not everything is perfect and this year sees me correcting and adjusting a few things together with my designers. This was the goal of my meeting with the designers: Decide what needs to be done next and how. Think: Packaging. But not the bottles! These remain untouched.

    Size, by the way, was one of the topics you heard a lot at Esxence: How easy it got to come up with a brand new brand.  Technology has changed the name of the game and it has become very easy to actually start your brand and penetrate the market. It is production and communication technologies that are disruptive. And the long tail becomes a problem for the bigger ones.

    This will be a topic with the journalist, for sure. And then, once they are gone, I have to get into high gears. I realized that I have only a few days left to get some orders out and to stuck up before I leave for a week. This means: A lot of bottle filling and preparing shipment boxes and filling out customs forms and get all ready for shipment with either trucks or regular postal mail.

    But I think I will get done with what needs to be done until I fly seemingly into the sun again. I cannot wait for one of the best pancakes. Ricota blueberry pancakes at Beverly Blvd.   But before this pleasure makes me smile: Work!

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