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  • bye and some links

    This is a byebye for a day or two. Tomorrow, we will be driving and then I will be standing at the exhibition stand at Pitti Fragranze.

    And today, it is last minute preparations day.

    Thus, I leave you to reading other blogs and news and there we go with the recommended posts of today:
    Elene publishes the second chapter of the Miriam Novelette, and an interview with me on some of the core factors when building Miriam  that you will for sure find interesting. You find here post here.

    And Persolaise published the first film interview as part of the blogging round. And you can win a sample on his blog. Please see the interview here on his blog.

    I wish you fun reading and watching and send you fragrant greetings.

    Today' s picture taken from the terrace of our hotel room, booked early and amazingly affordable, shows you the sun over the Arno, taken last year from our hotel in Florence, and guess in which hotel we are staying this time. Yes!

  • pipettes, play and $ signs

    Fragrant greetings on this bright day. Two more days (or one, depending on counting) before we for the Pitti Fragranze niche perfume show in Florence. Thus, as you may imagine:  a lot of last minute preparations! But today, I will  talk about composing and not about presenting fragrances.

    I cleaned up the other day, throwing away plastic pipettes that I used to mix a few trials (they are reusable in principle for a while, but I do not reuse them too often). Smelling them, after mixing was such a delight and reminded me to share with you the facts and figures of composing a fragrance.

    The fact: So many times, the simple individual raw ingredients smell so much better and more intense then the mixture. Thus, what is left on the pipette tips is heaven on earth, but what you mixed with them is blunt, boring, dull, grey.

    Figures: You may safely assume that a standard mixture for me consists of at least 30 ingredients., (exceptions apply) and you may safely assume that for a final fragrance I make between 2 and 100 trials. Yep: 2 is the easy way, the perfect way, the mother of all perfume creative experiments. 100 is the nightmare over 5 years. But the standard is somewhere in between.

    Now, how is it possible that mixture can be dull if the individual ingredients are shining beauties?, you might ask. Actually, this is quite simple: it is an effect that you find everywhere. Annihilation. Some ingredients eat each other up and what is left is ****. Dull, flat mixtures. You can compare it to painting where mixing too many colors gives you a grayish brown.

    What was I mixing a while ago: An all natural eau de toilette-eau de cologne like twitter. A fresh, all botanical, yummie further development of my cologne series, a gentleman's water if you wish,  with green herbs, spices, neroli, and woods (incl. sandalwood from Australia) and ambra and a fine patchouli in the base.  And this time, the mixture turned out as nice as the stuff that went inside. The concentrated mixture has well matured and a  few milliliters go into dilution now.  Please do not ask me when and how I will launch this. The fragrant world in Tauerville is turning too fast right now.  But I like sharing my experiments. And I think it is important to play with scents without always having a sales and $ sign in front of the nose and inside the brain.

    Actually, that's a nice last sentence, to keep in mind when going to a sales show like Pitti: It is important to play with scents without always having a sales and $ sign in front of the nose and inside the brain.



  • Happy Labor Day

    I wish you all a happy Labor Day.


  • Pera's universe

    "But not in Pera's universe"... Elena from PerfumeShrine posted a review, an introduction to Miriam and I invite you, my readers, to visit her blog and leave a comment (anything goes, just a hello). The reasons:

    First , her review puts the fragrance into context.

    Second, because she runs a draw and you might want to take your chance to win samples and be the first to smell Miriam. Thus, please follow this link to her post.

    On another happy note: I visited the hairdresser today, getting all nice and shiny for Florence, and Pitti Fragranze. The result is as always....stunning. I look different, and smell like a gigantic peach thing. Not bad, though. On my way back, I thought in a couple of perfume reviews where the reviewers were comparing fragrances to the scents of shampoo and usually negative.  I am not sure. I feel there are a lot of wonderful shampoo scents out there. So I walked back and realized that making the fragrance for a shampoo might actually be a much bigger challenge than a perfume that you spray on skin.

    The shampoo scent needs to be cheap, I mean: real cheap. And it needs to smell nice. I mean really nice. If I had to do a shampoo scent, I would have a hard time. I am glad I do not have to do it. I create my scents always without budget tag in my head. The sky is the limit, almost.

    I wish you a lovely weekend. And I thank you all for following me and Brian on our journey through fragrant land and moving pictures.

  • pentachord samples online

    Well, well. I guess this is one of the most exciting days this year. For me at least. I start offering Pentachords samples, individually or as part of the discovery set, on my website, and so does Luckyscent.

    And today, Elena from the PerfumeShrine blog started the blogging round on Tableau de Parfums and Woman's picture. I love to share this developing story with some of the blogs I truly love since years. I -as a perfume brand- and many perfumes would not exist without these blogs. I guess, this is indeed a good day to say thank you to the blogging round blogs and many, many others that I love and visit when I have time.

    Unfortunately, I do not have much leisure and reading time these days.

    Another happy reason for a smile: I got the novelette from my little printer, downtown in Zurich. It is printed on FSC paper, black on white, where the white is a bit off, a bit towards beige. And the novelette is "from the desktop of Miriam MagnusonMasterson (stupid me..)", a stack of 15 years condensed into pieces of paper. This stack of 16 pages (1 cover page) goes with every Miriam perfume flacon, inside the packaging, in a little secret compartment. Kind of cool.

    And a last reason for my happy face: I got the purse spray and started filling them. A new baby in the warehouse and as every time when I fill a flacon for the first time, it is exiting and thrilling. Usually, after a few hundred, the excitement kind of wears out, though.

    Fragrant greetings from Tauerville that is very soon also Tableauville. Cheers!

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