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  • A draw to win a sample set and today I give a speech

    SUNDAY, July 3 :

    THIS DRAW IS CLOSED. Congratulations to the winners: Kelley Vandiver, Anne-Marie and Susan (

    Thank you to all who participated and shared! I was fun and a joy reading all your comments.


    Today, I will give a speech, at the occasion of a Zurich local excursion of the board of xyz.

    I was asked whether I could talk for about 30 minutes and give a fragrant  impression of a start-up entrepreneur. I said yes and look very much forward to it. On one hand because I like to talk about how everything started ; I really love, love this story. On the other hand, because I am sure I can learn a bit by talking and reflecting on all the ups and downs and all the mistakes we did.

    Mistakes, like (tatata! here comes the samples story again....) SAMPLES: When we started, everybody got free samples. You only had to fill a form (yes!) asking for a free sample. These times are over, most of the time, except when we do a little give away. Like today!

    In order to celebrate today and how my venture and all and more started, I make a little give away. Just leave a comment, and I will pick the winner with, and the winners will get a set of discovery set. The winners will choose the 5 samples that go into a discovery stet. We ship this sample set for the winners for free, world wide, no questions asked except for your address. I will pick the three winners over the weekend.

    As always: I do not store your address but will use it only for the purpose of shipping the samples,  nor do I forward it or sell it. More on our privacy statement: click here.

    Thus, just leave a little comment, on anything,  and I will pick the three winners.

    Today's picture: A selection of scents and naturals that I will show today.

  • More on samples

    yesterday, I finished filling and preparing the pentachords flacon stock for White, Verdant and Auburn.  Next: Incense rosé.

    And I finished the ordering and design forth and back of the sample packaging for Tableau de Parfums.

    I will produce dab vial samples, offer them in a cardboard envelop, and we think we will include a DVD that introduces the art and passion behind Woman's picture and TdP. The DVD will be important as Tableau de Parfums is part of Woman's picture, a larger initiative. But I will not sell these samples on my website (this is the plan today). This will free me from spending too much time preparing sample packs, dealing with questions about why we ship not here and there and why we ship not with a courier for free and other questions that sound silly but in the end are not.

    Coincidence or no: We had some discussions going on on samples in yesterday's blog comments and I would like this discussion to continue here. Some, I know, love the spray samples that I sell. They are very reliable and spray a nice spray. For most fragrances  in the Tauer range I produce 1.5 ml (think 2 ml) spray samples. Of course, folks love these. They are a little bit like a mini perfume flacon. We ship a lot of these, and I spend quite some time producing these and they do not pay my rent and food. They may be too good, to be honest. And today, with today's experience, I will not start offering these for a new range of scents that I make jointly with another artist.

    In my opinion, a sample is here to try two, three times a fragrance, under non optimal conditions (think dab vials). For some of you, this may not be enough. Some perfume lovers want to explore a scent in more depth and detail. This is why I will offer a purse spray size for Tableau de Parfums. It will be 7 ml, and will allow to spray and to  try and test, or to continue testing in case of doubt, for a reasonable price, and allowing me to do other things than fill sample vials which takes much longer than filling a purse spray.

    Thus, I ordered 5000 folded Tableau de Parfums carboard samples and DVD sleeves and look forward to getting them and ship them into the world.

    Next: Coming up with labels and the official EU allergene declaration. It is not really a lot of work, but I hate to do the calculation.

  • building fragrant empires

    These days, I am sort of stuck inside, stocking up for autumn. Today's picture shows you some pentachords flacons,  on their way to getting the finishing touch: The white wooden pentachords top cover.

    Thus, I have a lot of time, playing in my mind, coming up with great ideas that will change the world. Unfortunately, most of them do not survive the next bottling circle, but it is a fun game to build fragrant empires and perfumes in your mind.

    When not dreaming, I think about stickers and labels that I need for Tableau de Parfums and Evelyn Avenue, respectively for Miriam, the first fragrance in this line. The goal is to minimize the number of stickers (at least for the moment), to maximize the flexibility of the packaging, and to reduce the risk imposed by changes (such as label requirements imposed by law, or by retailers with special wishes) by customization with printed labels.

    This is sort of a mind game, too. But more on the serious side.

  • on the perfume MIRIAM for Tableau de Parfums

    looking back is not always easy. Proportions fall apart and perspectives change. Looking back is like walking through a dark tunnel and the longer the tunnel is the smaller everything looks on the other side.

    The perfume MIRIAM that I created a while ago for Tableau de Parfums is a perfume where we look back and walk through this tunnel. On the other side, we discover a vintage like fragrance that I once described as bitter sweet memories of days long gone. For a detailed description by Brian: Have a look at Evelyn Avenue's store page here.

    Miriam is a fragrance that you could have smelled in the forties or fifties. Imagine a natural green aldehydic powdery tea rose, think light blue violet flowers, and green animalic, dry and earthy mossy violet leaves, think Mysore sandalwood. Actually, without going to much in to technical details: I use a violet leave absolute  that I get from Biolandes and that is just wonderful. It is such a joy that you can still get these naturals today. As almost all good things in life it is quite expensive. It fits perfectly with my vision of how MIRIAM is supposed to smell. It has this vintage aspect. One reason is of course that you do not get a lot of fragrances these days where violet leaves are used in detectable amounts.

    There is a scene in the movie that I have seen when creating the fragrance, where Miriam sprays a bit of perfume in to the room and goes "ahhhhh". I wanted to create a perfume that brings about this effect. It makes you go "ahhhh". And it fills the room, discreetly.

    Today's picture shows you a look through a keyhole in Rome.

    Miriam will launch in early October in Los Angels at Luckyscent . I will not make it available on my Tauer website, but rather on Evelyn Avenue, and Luckyscent, as Luckyscent has supported our projects and made it all possible.

  • On Tableau de Parfums and concepts for a purse spray

    if there is one thing that I learned in the last 7 years that I am building my brand then it is this: The fragrant inside may be a matter of some importance. But the outside matters more. It may sound sad, but this is reality.

    Reality is what happens in the shops, online and offline. I talked about this fact with Giovanni and Bettina the other day in Rome, while at Campo Marzio. And by chance, brings these days this topic up , too. If you have not seen it before: There, on extrait, you find a link to the flacon making video of my pentagonal tauer flacon: Click here.

    Now.... when I say, "the outside matters more" it does not translate into "blingbling" sells all the time. Actually, the outside can be ultra slim, or playground like, or baccarat. Each might work in its niche. But if you want to do things seriously, and make a living from perfumery, you better invest into your packaging, too. Without forgetting the inside.

    As always in life: Keeping a good balance is key.

    And, besides simply getting attention by a nice packaging and an appropriate flacon, you communicate to the perfume lover with your outside statement. Yes, you really do. That's why each little label and each ribbon and each shiny edge on a flacon matters. I translates into sublime communication to perfume lovers about you, and what to expect when you push the spray.

    Thank you for following me and reading my post up to here.

    Today, I wish you a lovely weekend, and I share with you a draft that I scanned and sent to Brian a long time ago. It shows you a purse spray sized flacon, with a draft for a print on it. This purse spray of 7 ml volume will be one size of the Tableau de Parfums fragrances. The other flacon size will be 50 ml. But I and Brian figured that we want to offer a "travel" size, or "trial size" or "entry point" into world of Tableau de Parfums, and Evelyn Avenue with its many lines to follow beyond perfumes. After having finally! found a nice purse spray that fits my quality demand on the spray and the vial and that is somewhat affordable, I started thinking about how to decorate, print it. The picture to the left shows you my first draft.

    Later we needed to adjust for technical reasons. But in this little draft, the core idea was born, and you find visual key element of Tableau de Parfums that you will find in all other products of this brand.

    Having talked about visual elements and being the guy who creates perfumes: I want the outside to fit the inside. I want perfume lovers to feel the memories and fantasies that we are intending to share with them and that they will discover when they push the spray.

    I am not a native English speaker, thus... let me finish by borrowing a line from Brian's post on the Evelyn Avenue blog.- There he describes the shooting of a short, called Rose. He writes "By the time we shot ROSE last week, I’d smelled “Miriam”, the perfume inspired by Miriam and Rose’s story, and as we filmed I imagined that’s the fragrance Miriam, Rose, and the sales associates at the perfume counter in ROSE are all talking about.  It was pretty intense to have that reference point, something created by two guys who love perfume the way a child loves his fantasies and had connected over material created from memories about those relationships with lost people, scents, and the places they inhabited."

    You find his entire post by clicking here.

  • palettes

    yesterday, we got another larger delivery. Pentagonal tin boxes. A huge pile in boxes of 24 each on 7 palettes. Today's picture shows you these. It was yesterday that I was even more happy about the new warehouse than before.  Finally room for the 5000 boxes. And almost no carrying around: Just put the stuff onto the little chariot, and move it from here (ramp) to there (storage room). So you see: We are in true happy territory these days. And yes: The 5000 boxes should help us getting through X-mas.

    When moving into the warehouse we did our semi-annual stock counting and I know now what perfumes I have to mix. And before that I have to go ahead and figure out what raw materials I need and need to buy some essential oils. This is, says my bookkeeper, always a very dangerous time... Andy goes essential oil shopping and he hardly ever sticks to the list of things he needs.

    In this corner of the world, the economy is buzzing and as everybody is fully booked out, buying things often translates into waiting for quotes first and then waiting for goods. Thus, in a sense, I am happy I got everything together for Tableau de Parfums, except the packaging and the labels. There, I am waiting and waiting and waiting for a quote. And you know how good I am at this.... The labels will go into production in the next two weeks and the packaging should go into production any time. Actually, I am getting ready for the first fragrance in the Tableau de Parfums series, called Miriam. The second one, anticipated launch date March 2012 will see my attention later in summer. But I got already the most expensive raw material that goes into it: Tuberose absolute. We spent a fortune for it at

    Tomorrow (or over the weekend), I want to share with you a draft of how some things look there, at Tableau de Parfums. But first things first: Book October 7, 8, 9 in your agenda. At least if you happen to be in the LA area.

    I am coming to town to show you Miriam. Brian Pera comes, too. Showing you THE movie.

    I got my plane ticket. Please join in.

  • a simple word on marketing

    Today's picture shows you the male branch of the di Liello family, the gentlemen behind Campo Marzio, who make it all possible.: From left to right this is Fabricio, me, Valentino and Gianni.

    They are the owner of Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria and the inventor of the store concept which is actually less or not only a store than more a gallery, a show case of selective, artisanal perfumery. You see: I do not need the n-word....

    This show case is very dear to me. It tells the world in the middle of THE shopping district of Rome that even today artisanal and selective perfumes can be found. Yesterday, Persolaise referred a side aspect: That I bring up a some interesting points about how a perfume is marketed. Actually, this is half the truth. About a lot of things happening in the back I do not talk. This topic is huge, big, and quite delicate territory. I learned that  some perfume lovers are 100% not interested in learning how the industry functions. Sometimes, me and some perfume making colleagues refer to this fact as the "dream factor". The dreamers wish to be undisturbed.

    Let's disturb nevertheless. Marketing perfume is like being at war. A war on the attention of the consumer. A still large part of this attention you get by the press. Beauty press and style magazines and alike. To get into this press you usually need to pay. Getting into the press without paying: You must be truly interesting. The other day I was invited to join a round table, on selective perfumery, to get together with the press (think the top 10 magazines). Of course, all perfumers were supposed to pay big money for their participation on the round table.

    I do not pay and cannot afford to send $ to get into the press.When you open the next beauty magazine and you see a bit of text and a few pictures of perfume flacons: Always remember: A lot of $ for every line. Except the object of discussion is truly interesting.

    This is why I am so grateful for every journalist talking to me, for every interviewer like Simone from  discussing with me and for every blog exploring my creations.

  • Pentachords launch and video

    first things first: It was a great Pentachords launch event and party in Rome last Friday. My thanks go to Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria for their support and for their organization.

    I enjoyed it so much so to get together with perfume lovers and see their reactions, smelling the pentachords line. As the fragrances are quite a different take on perfumery -compared to the rest of my line- this was thrilling. And I feel: The pentachords are loved. Especially White. I think this is going to be a lot of perfume lovers favorite. We will see.

    Right in time with the launch, published the long and great video on the pentachords, where I explain in some details what the pentachords are all about and why I care for them.

    On a side note:  The other day I realized on that indeed I will have brought two entire new lines inside the brand with 4 fragrances this year. And in some comments they wondered why these launches. Sometimes I wonder, too. But then, I feel that my perfumes are very unique and interesting. Let me be modest: At least I launch fragrances that are interesting. And I have them in my mind and in my excel. Why not launch them? I rebuilt my entire brand to be a bit more presentable and even more important, I rebuilt my brand's packaging to be more effective allowing me to produce more without going big in numbers of people working for me.

    Thus, if I can launch them: Why not do it?

    Here's the link to the video  on the extrait website. The video is in English, the text is in Italian.

    And now, back in Zurich, we are back to normal. Which means: Pack and box and pour...happy and all by ourselves (W.-factor and me).

  • lot labels

    Today, I put the last of my first ordered lot labels into the lot label printer. I have a hard time believing, but it seems to be true. We run through 50'000 lot labels since last year, March. For those in you interested in technical details: The printer is a Intermec PF 8t and runs perfectly, every day. I already ordered the next batch. This time, I ordered 100'000 labels. It is always fascinating and frightening at the same time: You think you have tons of xyz , like filled Rose Vermeille flacons and suddenly you realize: Oops. All gone. Suddenly, because I had my fragrant stuff distributed around everywhere and lost partly the overview. The warehouse is about to change this!

    Now, let us see how long these 100k lot labels last. At least, they will not use up too much volume in the warehouse. On another happy note: I will meet Susan, Susan from Women's Wear Daily and we will do a little audio interview at Medieval art&vie, the shop in Zurich, where everything started.Thus, I have to hurry up before hitting the plane for Rome tomorrow.

    And to add yet another happy note: Yesterday, perfectly timed, now that the warehouse is up and ready.... the flacons for Tableau de Parfums were delivered.And as folks in Switzerland think, it is fine to call each other at 7 am or so: They were delivered at 7 am or so. I take this as a good omen.

    I will see that I can give you some details there next week after Rome. But first things first: Susan and one of those big orders that lead to fast lot numbers depletion.

  • after moving

    after moving tauer perfumes into the new warehouse, we are all sort of exhausted here. It took us a full day of loading, and unloading and carrying the bottles, and labels and tops and boxes and more labels and more from here to there. Us = me and the W.-factor. The picture below shows you the last boxes we moved, on the ramp of the building where the warehouse and production unit is in.

    Yesterday, we put the shelves and tables and more shelves together and packed the first few perfumes: L'air du désert marocain, as we run out of it over the weekend. And thus, by now , we  are up and running again in Tauerville.


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