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  • Evelyn Avenue

    There are days where things change definitely. Today is such a day. Evelyn Avenue is live now, and with it you get a first glimpse of the perfume brand Tableau de Parfums(TM). You learn about Woman's Pictures and Brian Pera, the man behind it all. You can follow on Evelyn Avenue what the story is behind the fragrance Miriam, and why.

    For months and months he worked on this. Brian is the guy behind Evelyn Avenue. I am only the perfumer, coming up with fragrant pictures, such as Miriam.

    When I got first contacted by Brian, I was skeptical. I just recovered from a close encounter with an investment banker with lots of money saved in the financial crisis, trying to build a brand. Thus, I said to myself: Not another collaboration in this universe where so many perfume project are born just to produce something that smells like  [add any favorite body fluid here]. Then I got the script for the film Woman's picture. Then I saw a first cut of the movie. I saw Miriam. Her portrait is one of the three women's stories  in Woman's Pictures. I saw here sitting in a chair, watching her mother, holding these fragile hands. I saw her in her pinkish TV studio, I saw these bitter sweet moments of truth and felt the weight of her memories, and I knew that I wanted to start this  project with Brian.

    You can see a summary of what Woman's picture, the movie, is all about on the main page of Evelyn Avenue.

    We faced a lot of hurdles. Many are yet to come. But I am proud on what Brian has reached. And I am happy that I got there where I am now with Tableau de Parfums: A perfume line and fragrances that are dear to me.

    What is Evelyn Avenue? Find it out by clicking here.

    I will from time talk about Tableau de Parfums here. But mostly, I and Brian will talk over there, on Evelyn Avenue. Please stop by.

    Thank you.

    Before I finish: Here's a thank you to Brian for his creative sparkles. Here's a thank you to the W.-factor who does my books and who has to do more bookkeeping in the future.

    And here is a thank you to the guys from Luckyscent. Their support makes a lot of the exciting things happening in the coming months . Without their undemanding support, you would miss a lot, happening soon on Evelyn Avenue.

    Thank you guys!

    Today's picture shows you a sun rising. Comments are off. Invite to you leave comments on the blog of Evelyn Avenue. Thanks.

  • a pink rose

    Yesterday, while jogging and wondering where we and the Dollar US and the EURO will head in the coming years, I realized that for someone in the US, everything that comes from abroad becomes insanely expensive these days. Not because the producers would charge more, but because the $ got sort of weak. At least versus the Franc, the Yen, and a few other currencies.

    Actually, there was a little article in the Sunday papers, explaining why the US needs to get prepared for even higher inflation rates, and why there seems to be an interest in these growing rates. Not that I would understand it, but it all seems so wrong to me. Maybe it is an European perspective, where we do not have to go back 100 years in history to learn how people have lost everything to inflation.
    Anyhow: The other day I read a reader comment in the newspaper which was enlightening. It was an article about various states failing on their loans, going bankrupt and how it might affect the flow of money. The comment was refreshingly simple. As most of the money on this planet is of speculative nature and not used to produce things and provide happiness, it does not really matter if a lot of the money on this planet is lost.

    Thus, we can all look happily forward into a future with failing states and money loosing its value.

    On a happy note: I think I will make it a light summer sky blue on that one wall in the warehouse. I read about blue being soothing and calming down. This will sure help me while boxing and bottling. And while thinking FETISH. Yesterday, again while jogging, I thought that I need a bit styrax (not the resinoid, but the pyrogenized material resulting from a destructive distillation) in anything fetish, for its leathery aspect.
    Today's picture: A scanned rose, pink, with a smell that is faint, but green and soft.

  • wet poppy

    we had finally some rain here in Zurich and it felt like a relief. The air feels clean like a towel after a thorough washing cycle. My giant poppy in the garden got wet too and the snails came back from hiding and have eaten about half of the coriander's lush green. Well, then. Everybody gets its share I guess. I got my share of boxing and shipping last week.

    The last few days saw me boxing and shipping a lot of orders for retailers due to my trip to the US. I will stay there for two weeks. The next week sees me filling up stock with boxed perfumes and samples and I will start working on the new warehouse.

    Here's the plan: I take it over, officially next Tuesday morning. Then I paint a bit, with one wall in  a light blue. Then we make the floor together with the W.-factor and my brother. And then I fly out. When back from California, I will start moving in. Hundreds of boxes. I guess it is a good idea to start moving these boxes AFTER the holiday.

    Today's picture: A detail from the wet red poppy.  I wish you a lovely Sunday. Enjoy!

  • more fetish thoughts

    Here I am again, talking about fetish and perfume, following up on the post of last Wednesday (click here for the post), where I was talking trend and fetish.  In the mean time, searching  for "tauer fetish" brings my post of 48 hours ago right on top of google's list of results. Which is sort of cool, as it tells me that Google indexes my blog sort of fast. Thank you Google, highly appreciated!

    The comments that I got were great and keep me thinking "fetish" perfume. I did a quick query on for synonyms and guess what pops up as first synonymous noun: OBSESSION. This tells me that fetish IS a cool name. Actually, it is such a cool name that it was used before. There existed a Fetish Perfume by Dana. It was (is) sort of a floral thing with a funny flacon.

    A quick search on TESS tells me that these days "fetish" is not a protected mark for the goods and services perfume anymore.

    Actually, you see: we did the first steps towards building a brand together right now. We came up with an idea for a perfume or even an entire range (dark, animalic, woody, spicy,..) and we checked whether it can be protected.

    I love, love, love these brain games of inventing new fragrant worlds. And the name of the game has changed in the last few years. Actually, coming up with a new perfume has become very easy. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we see all these new perfumes appearing. Michael Edwards published a few numbers on his Twitter feeds (worth following by the way):

    I copy his numbers from his twitter feed that you can find on

    All new fragrances: 76 (1990) > 389 (2000) > 1125 (2010)


    I continue thinking "fetish". I feel it would need to be a perfume concentration fragrance, really heavily concentrated. In a simple flacon, without spray. Avintage flacon. Like you find it at Waltersperger's.(click here for the picture)...

    Today's picture to the left shows you rotten wood, sort of fitting. I love its smell, damp after a summer rain.

  • a ZETA review

    After yesterdays blog post on trends that might come upon us or not and that we do not follow but rather set: Here comes a link to a post by Olfactarama. I invite you visiting  this lovely blog, make sure you take your chance to win a sample and enjoy a good piece of writing. Click here to get to Olfactarama.

    And if you are fluent in German or if you like beautiful pictures of flacons from Tauer, of Vero Kern from vero.profumo or if you want to learn more on Nejma Perfumes, you might want to visit this month's edition of the Sündhaft magazine . Click here to get there.

    And if you are fluent in Italian: Here's a lovely interview, published by Dominga Ciavarella. Enjoy (click here).

    And today's picture shows you what I did yesterday and today: Filling more ZETA flacons and packing them.

  • fetish and trends

    From time to time I work with PR professionals; our circles cross and I get to know the world of fashion and perfume from a insider's perspective. Quite interesting as I usually take perfumes from an other side.  Thus, I was told the other day that FETISH is going to be a BIG trend in 2012 in fashion. Think leather, rubber, dark animalic rough woody things with Patchouli and logs of wood sticky with resin.

    But contrary to my PdD time when I tried to explain my professor "lumberjack look" with its heavy duty style shirts, without much hope as people in science often miss the concept of fashion, FETISH in 2012 is dark and dirtier. Actually, lumberjack look seems to be a classic style that always works, at least for men. My lumberjack look will be activated when doing the floor , painting the walls and moving into the new warehouse and production office. We will start this venture next week. Heavy duty posts ahead there!

    So I learned that fetish IS going to be the BIG trend. Usually, I tend not to think in trends , but this one quite in quite in time. Time for something different. Besides Lonestar Memories I do not have a perfume fitting, and I think Lonestar Memories is more on the lumberjack side. I am not so sure whether I really want to come up seriously with a fitting perfume to the fetish trend in fashion, but I like the idea of thinking in darker territory. After a few light sunny bright takes, from the cologne that sits in many versions in my excel to the ZETA linden blossom theme, it might be time for the dark side of the force.

    Let's consider it a mind and nose exercise. I do not want too much leather, but Patchouli, lots of ambreine, castoreum, some rubber, but not the burnt thing...or maybe, instead of the rubber, we take earth. Wet, and damp and heavy. ...

    What would your fetish notes be?

    (today's picture shows you a sunset in Namibia)

  • hello world

    A while ago I got myself an Adobe Illustrator to work with and to come up with labels and various designs later. It is rather expensive, especially here in Switzerland, where everything is more expensive, compared to buying it in the US. Thus, I am looking very much forward to buying some sneakers and my favorite jeans in the US when visiting LA end May. Companies like Adobe will run into troubles sooner or later with a business model that does not fit an internet driven global market place. There is no way how you can justify asking significantly more for a download product here or there. The same is true for fragrances to some extend. Thus, the isolation of markets and regions becomes the longer the more difficult. And hence the most effective and productive market places set the standard. I guess this is the reason why the largest online retailer for low volume fragrances sits in the US (

    The internet is the place with the largest diversity of low volume and artisanal fragrances.

    Anyhow. So I got the Illustrator and using Adobe's online videos I am getting used to working with the software which is fun. Actually, it is a lot of fun. It reminds me in my earlier days when I started this perfume venture. Since then, let's say 6 years ago, the number of  internet users has more than doubled. And the number of rude  and impolite users seems to have grown disproportionate. Many got a tool that allows them to express themselves in a way that thew would never dare in the real world. Facebook sure does not slow them down.

    I guess the only way to face this low level talking is by setting a higher level.

    Thus, I got my Illustrator and will use it in the next months and years to come up with labels and boxes for new ideas. Ideas that will help me to talk through fragrances to perfume lovers who are interested in exploring new fragrant worlds. to be continued....

  • confuse them

    I got back from London and -you might have guessed- spent a few good hours dealing with e-mails. Now, hurray!, shortly before diner, I am done with them and the parcels for tomorrows shipment with the truck for Italy is ready, too.

    Time to write on the blog again. The last months were a bit restless, at least as far as my geographic position is concerned, remembering me in a job I had many years ago, when I was Mr. shaking machine, traveling with my shaking machine. I traveled the world with it. Lucky me today, I do not need to carry any laboratory equipment with me that might fail any minute to operate, like the shaking machine once did. We served India, the sales manager and the product manager (me), traveling from north to south and from the east to the west and the first day the machine went from alive to dead in 4 seconds. The rest of the journey saw us explaining a broken machine and saw spare part following us. This was years ago and it was virtually impossible to send spare parts fast enough from here to there...

    Thus, my sales manager always told me "if you can't inform them, confuse them". This was exactly what we did, successfully.

    Which brings me right to today's line of perfume related thought. When visiting the British Museum and thinking incense and mummies and resins, I realized how different our approach to incense must be compared to theirs, 3000 years ago. They smelled the same molecules but what incense smelled like for them is beyond our event horizon. Thus, it is -in a sense- a vain enterprise to bring back these fragrances. We simply do not have the background to fully understand and appreciate how people 3000 years ago might have enjoyed it.

    Perfumes are part of a cultural context.

    But then, I am sure these Egyptian mummies smelled lovely when placed in their graves for eternity.

  • another picture from Rome

    This is the last picture for a moment from Rome. It shows you the sun sending a beam of light into St. Peter, in the morning. A little natural spotlight.

    St. Peter is amazing, but unfortunately you need to queue for it these days, for security reasons. All visitors need to pass a detector and need to get their bags screened.  30 years ago, when visiting Rome for the first time, you would just hop in and out of St. Peter. It is these moments when you realize that the world has changed for good. But the light inside St. Peter is still amazing and will not change for the next few hundred years. This is wonderful.

    Maybe it is one big difference that matters: Creating perfumes needs raw materials that change over time. Every new copy (batch) needs new raw materials. A sculpture needs a stone that won't change over centuries once you created your piece of art. I guess perfumes are not made for eternity. Sculpture neither, but they last a bit longer.

    I will be off this blog for a day or two, visiting London (again) and if all goes well I will be back over the weekend.  And then, next week, we will go into heavy production and talking mode again. Until then: Cheers!

  • more pictures from Rome

    Today's picture to the left: An orange tree in bloom, seen in Rome in a park full of orange trees in bloom. A perfumer's heaven.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This for sure is true when trying to cross roads there in heavy traffic. If you do it the tourist way, worrying and carefully and not brave enough, then you are not taken seriously and might end up being caught somewhere in the middle. Thus, eyes narrow, thinking "HIGH NOON" and there we go.... The picture below shows you a street close to the Colosseum.

    When in Rome, stop watching the nuns. To be honest: I could not. Rome was full of nuns and priests (it always is, but this time there were more) and we bumped into them everywhere. And they were always so cheerful!

    We once visited a catholic souvenir shop, where nuns and priests buy their souvenirs, and I learned: nuns go shopping, too.

    Rome is simply amazing, but I have said that before... Enjoy!

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