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  • Post Easter Happy Rabbit Give-away

    NOTE: MAY 1 2011


    This draw is closed. The winners are from Facebook: Pahge Park, Cristina Seicarescu, Shermeen Khan. A Facebook message is on its way.

    The winners from the comments are MaryB and Mihaela. An email is on its way.

    Welcome to our POST EASTER HAPPY RABBIT give-away!

    It is a happy rabbit because it is an EASTER RABBIT and it is happy because he has his job done by now. The picture to the left shows you the rabbit while having a cigarette break (hiding the cigarette). At the bottom you see him hoping away...


    Your chance to win one of five fragrances from the Tauer range, bottled and boxed, at your choice which fragrance from my entire range. The draw is open for any human being wherever you live.  Just leave a comment with a valid e-mail address below. I will pick two winners on Sunday, May 1 2011, by And I will pick three winners by the facebook fan page: If you "LIKE" the Tauer Perfumes FAN PAGE on facebook  you double your chances to win! Just like us and your chances are good to win one of three fragrances of your choice from my range. Click here to get to the facebook fan page. Just click on like the page (not an individual post) to make sure you on the list....

    None. I will pick two winners on Sunday, May 1 2011, by
    I value your privacy and will only use the e-mail or facebook message to contact you if you won. I will not store your private data after the draw nor will I forward, sell or give it to any third party.


  • Levkojen and PENTACHORDS presentation in June.

    Today's picture shows you a quick photo that I took yesterday before giving the bunch of Levkojen aka Matthiola away. I bought them at a flower shop nearby where I stop on a regular basis. The woman owning the shop buys a lot of flowers that are fragrant and she cares for special flowers you cannot get at your local supermarket. Like the Matthiolas.

    Their fragrance is breathtaking: Think clove, lots of clove, with something that reminds in tuberose, basically it smelled like clove loaded with salicylates. Salicylates are powdery and give any perfume a more expensive touch, make it bigger in a sense. And tuberose is heavy loaded with them.

    I passed by the flower shop on my way back by bike from town where I bought the train ticket for Rome. Yes! On Monday, I will close this blog for a week and spend 5 days with friends in Rome. Friends that I know since I am 16 and we spent a few happy days in Rome 20 years ago. Hence, time spend some time there again. And, to be frank, I am tired and I need a rest and air to think about the upcoming months.

    So I passed by the flower shop, got the Matthiolas and went home, where I turned on the computer to book my flights. Yes! Rome again. But this time for entirely professional reasons. I will travel to Rome on June 17, to officially show the first time on planet earth the PENTACHORDS. I will do so at Campo Marzio's flagship store in via Vitoria. Afterwards, Campo Marzio will have the pentachords exclusively until September.  I decided to do so because usually in the past, my Italian friends always got the new things as the last which is odd as I ship more perfumes to Italy than to any other place. Thus, I figured: Time to show the pentachords there first.

    I will be back soon again with my last post before traveling to Rome and a little draw. Thus, stay tuned.

  • back from Paris

    So I was in Paris, yesterday and spent about 5 hours there. Enough time to hop into the Metro, visit Bon Marché, get frightened by the sales assistants there, get bored by the selection there, and hop over to the Grande Épicerie du Bon Marché right next to it. There: Paradise! I ended up over an hour in there, strolling through the selection of spices, fresh vegetable, cognacs, armagnacs, honey, cheese, fish. It is like the best this planet has to offer in one spot. I ended up buying a Calvados, for poor W.-factor who had to take care of orders and samples. 15 years old (the Calvados) and the lady waiting behind me in the queue at the cashier's confirmed: "c'est un bon calva! ".

    She was eating a croissant that she got in the shop , and threatened the cashier to continue eating it and when its gone she we go , too . And not pay, because it took forever. The Calvados bottle (the one from the very back ) was not labeled properly. The cashier asked me to get another one, which I did not. I am a bit stubborn there and insist on me being served when I spend money. Thus, I told her that she might rather go there herself. But she could not, or was not allowed, and hence we discussed about client and service and in between she tried to call for help. The cashier on the left did the same as another bottle brought by another client was without price.

    In the end, it all solved itself out, with smiles, because I got the calvados, and the lady behind me had eaten her croissant.

    Anyhow: Paris called me to get together with Misha, from Woodley and Bunny, Brooklyn, NY. It was the easiest and most convenient place to meet for the two of us. Woodley and Bunny has my brand in New York and we discussed this fact, their plans, and the future. Actually, we talked a lot about 2013.

    It may sound weird, but that's the way it is. We sat there, under a blue Paris sky in bright sunlight and talked about spring 2013.

    Thus, I picked a picture for today that fits: It shows you an Oregano sprout sitting in a glass in our kitchen, with little roots (after treating it with root growth hormone): A little start for a big Oregano plant later and lots of pizzas.

  • lot labels

    Today, I was so busy that I had no time doing any blogging. I was heavy duty working on packaging concepts with my Adobe Illustrator. The packaging concept is for another project I am working on and I can tell you more about this very exciting development in May. Every day I am getting a bit better there on Illustrator, and by the end of this project I will probably have mastered 40% of its functions.  Amazing what you can do with this piece of electronic logic.

    So I spent my day in front of the computer, and will also spend a good part of my night in front of the same computer. I wonder how many gallons of Swiss Alpine water had to flow through a turbine somewhere in the mountains to produce the electricity that I used today. A lot, I guess. Let's hope it was worth it.

    Before getting fixed on my computer, I was piling up two piles of boxes on two palettes in the morning; thew will be traveling through the same mountains right now. Uff! That was my exercise for today.

    And before that I was in a last minute effort making a few lot labels. You can see them in today's picture: They are the lot labels for the upcoming PENTACHORDS, that I will launch in September at Piti. Thus, mark your calendars, because September 10 is the Pity weekend in Florence.  And this year, Piti is going to rock! I am considering to do some prelaunch measures with these PENTA babies that are so special. Thus, I needed a few samples to start with.

    It has been a while since I last talked about actually creating a fragrance. It is always amazing again how much time and efforts go into sharing the fragrant babies with the world. But then, to be honest and frank, sharing them is equally interesting and rewarding like creating them.

    Before I can go a little bit more into details on the PENTACHORDS -WHITE, _AUBURN and _VERDANT: I need to go for a day to Paris. Thus, I will spend some good 8 hours in the train tomorrow. Time to answer a few e-mails on the go.

  • FIFI award UK and airport security

    In the mean time, some you might have heard it: My Orange Star won the Fifi award UK for best niche 2010. This is sort of a wow! thing and come as a total surprise, at least to me. I wish to say thank you to my supporters at basenotes (kisses and hugs to you all!) and I think, I want to say thank you to the organizers of the FIFI awards, the UK fragrance foundation: Well done and very generous! Merci.

    Another guy who was very happy, besides me, was the W.-factor at home who is prouder than me these days. Thus, here is a thank you to the W.-factor who makes sure that all runs smoothly when I am abroad and beyond!

    And for all of you who wonder how the world looks watching it through the FIFI glass award: See today's picture to the left. Be warned, though: Do not travel with a FIFI award. The glass is made of some sort of crystal glass and airport security cannot scan it. This leaves you standing with security at the airport for 30 minutes, doing the full security program with some sort of explosives scan, inspecting your back-pack in all detail, yes:  putting it all onto the table, and trying to explain to them what FIFI really means.

    Anyhow, it is amazing how much stuff you can put into a hand baggage carry on back  pack (a huge pile of things).

    I wish you all a lovely weekend and send you some photo impressions from the FIFI awards ceremony 2011 in the Banqueting House in London.

    Here 's the last thought for the weekend: I was the only guy in jeans up there. And I guess I am the first guy who was on stage to get his price in blue jeans. I am so happy that this is possible.





  • waiting

    I am in London today and partly tomorrow for the 2011 UK FIFI awards because Orange Star is one of six proud nominees in the category "best new independent niche" which is cool. I am curious to see what this diner is going to be like: Another first in my life.

    And it is basically a free lunch dinner. Thank you for your waiting for me until I am back....

    Today's picture: Dog waiting for someone, seen a while ago in Zurich.

  • rainbow

    tomorrow, I shall fly to London, and visit my favorite perfumery there: Les Senteurs. The last time I was there, I was shopping for Grossmith, a flacon of Phul Nana in its lovely packaging and with this twisted (in a very positive sense) perfume that builds a beautiful bridge to a past long gone.

    And I got a few soaps, to smell later. Like d'Orsay Tilleul that is quite unique. Soaps, for me, are a big love, a way of enjoying fragrance, without actually really putting anything on. And contrary to suffocating candles, room sprays and other fragrant  atrocities that not always, but often are too much and hard to cope with, fragrant soaps are fragrantly there when you need them. Now, I am talking high end soaps, perfumed to smell nice not intense, not the super perfumed cheap things you get in stores. These smell like they can actually kill you.

    But I think, soaps are difficult when it comes to making money with them. That's why you see them coming in packs of 2 or 3: Otherwise the cost-effort/margin coefficient seems not to be sufficiently high. I - for my part- have sort of put the soaps on hold. I have a formula or two that gives wonderful soaps. But these days, I work on fragrant liquid stories.

    Or to be more precise: I work on packing them.  Zeta -a linden blossom theme-  is shipping like crazy. It is just wonderful.

    Today's picture: A rainbow seen yesterday on a grey sky in golden evening light.

  • Still a lot of blossom around

    All trees are still blooming and sending their pollen off.  But most of them are already at the end of their blooming circle. Everything goes so fast these days. I wish packing perfumes was going equally fast. Actually, with all the blooming around us: the pollen with the concomitant sensitization of the nose may be one reason for my cold: My nose is off for a day or two. It is annoying but it does not really matter right now.

    We are packing and bottling and packing more the next two days before I go to London on Thursday, thus I do not have time to sniff a lot anyhow.

    And when we do not pack, then we spend money for restocking.

    Things really move very fast these days...

    Today's picture shows you our little mirabelle tree in bloom.

  • more tulips and more boxes

    There we go again: A new week, all fresh and exciting. I will continue there where I stopped last week: Orders from retailers need to get into boxes and onto their way over the alps or the oceans.

    Actually, the last few days were simply astonishing.  We got so much going on around here, and with spring exploding into colors and scents, the ZETA launch felt like an all new start. It is about time to move to the new place. Besides having more space to store boxes and bottles and labels, we will get more working space: Benches from here to there. Thus, when working together with the W.-factor, we can build a little production street, like putting the flacon into the boxes, stamping the labels, putting the labels onto the boxes and sealing them. That's the plan at least. We will see in June. For the time being, the plan is to get the orders out and to travel to three major cities in the next two weeks: London this week, a one day business trip to Paris next week and Rome in 2 weeks.

    Time to read and think design and dream a bright future.

    Today's picture shows you an immaculate design of nature: A tulip opening, seen 2 days ago in our garden. Enjoy!

  • a technical detail

    Fragrant greetings to you all from spring wonderland where everything seems to bloom and thrive these days.

    Days, by the way, where the little tauer factory produces a lot of ZETA. Thus, this is an educative post: Ever wondered how the juice gets into the bottles?

    Here is how... see the picture to the left. It shows you my manual dispensing unit, number 2 (we have two these days). It sits on top of a 10 liter Schott glass bottle and the other day, the 10 liters almost slipped off my hands because I am always wearing latex gloves when working with perfume flacons  not to leave finger prints. It almost slipped but did not. Otherwise, tauer factory would need a little fix now.

    In the new place where I will be moving in early June, we will put in resistant floor material. But whatever material you have, perfume tends to stick. The other day we have a  little bit of Orange Star on the stone floor in the basement (think 20 ml). We washed the floor, soaked the perfume up, washed the pads used for taking up the floor in the washing machine and trust me: my T-shirt came out white but with the smell of Orange Star.

    Anyhow: The dispenser dispenses the perfume into the flacons. I always add a bit more (52 ml) to be on the safe side and as little extra. The biggest challenge when pouring the flacons: Not to fall asleep, as it is highly meditative.

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