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  • green stuff

    As promised: I  show you a teaser photo of the green flacon. But do not take this green for certain. It is a touch too bright. Colors are like describing perfumes....there is quite an ambiguity going with them. Later today I shall get all the labels from my printer (yep: Another delay as one of the cutting  tools there did not work properly). Thus, I will have everything (except the green beech wood top cover that will come in the next days from Austria. I will show you a picture with the labels on and the fragrance in.

    But, to be honest: I am in total love with the green. And with the Linden blossom fragrance that will find its way into it, as soon as I got a few large orders out of my way. I hope I can ship the first flacons early April.

    And for those of you interested in reading a thoughtful review: Please visit Ermano's blog. We got together in Rome and I gave him a sample to review, provided he gives me a big hug in return. He sure did. Thus, here is his review, click here. Enjoy!

  • Back from Rome

    I am back from Rome and - as you might  imagine - have a plate on the table that is pretty full. About as full as our home here in Zurich: We got the 5000 inlays delivered and the green flacons for the COLLECTIBLES and the flacons for the PENTACHORDS. And now we are full. This afternoon, I can go and fetch all paper labels for the COLLECTIBLES and PENTACHORDS from the printer. And then we are over full.

    Thus, you will read from me soon more on design and colors. And I look forward to sharing some impressions from Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria in Rome and the event that we had there. Think: The biggest reunion of artisanal noses that I have ever attended.  But first, I share a few pictures of Rome, a city that I love so much. The picture to the left shows you Hadrian's column early in the morning.


    Column and shadow early in the morning

    Early in the morning...a city full of antiques

    Beauty everywhere

    A room with a view.....

    An Italian car....Spring in Rome. Finally!

  • ZETA samples

    today's picture is a teaser, showing you the first samples I did yesterday of the ZETA - a linden blossom theme- fragrance. In reality, the color is even more honey yellow sun like. Amazing. I feel it is the rose absolute that renders the fragrance so bright and sunny.

    I put them in bright sunlight for the picture. But now they rest in the dark, as all perfumes should.

    Tomorrow, I take the train and travel to Rome. I look so much forward to these three days. Although, I have to admit it right now and here: I will go to Rome soon again , in April, for 100% private reasons. Thus, as the W.-factor mentioned yesterday, I am truly blessed.

    I really am and I try not to forget.

    Thus, my next post will be early next week, I guess. For those of you who have not left a comment but wish to participate in yesterday's draw: Here's where you have to go.... click here. I will pick the winners later tonight (Swiss time).

    And here is my reading hint for you: Giovanni from Fragrance Scout did a lovely interview with me. You find it here  (English version click here). Thank you for your interest and have a lovely time!

  • delays as usual and a little sample draw


    EDITED:  March 09 17.30 Swiss time. THE DRAW IS CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated.

    The winners, picked with truly in a random way, are:

    Olivia A.



    Congratuluations again


    Believe it or not: We started working on the design and packaging for the Collectibles in  autumn. Some stuff we ordered in November. Now it is soon spring and as always: Everything gets in with delays. Accidents here, technical troubles there: I am getting used to it. In theory, I should be able to pour and label and box the flacons now, or no: Last week.

    It will - in reality - be in about 2 weeks. For you this means that you have to wait a bit longer for the Linden blossom theme. But wait, here's a treat:

    I got the manual stamping things that I will use to stamp information onto the sample papers. Today's picture shows you my first trials using them; as you may easily see: I need some practice there. The same stamps I will use to bring information onto the packaging. Kind of cool, as it allows me to easily change information from batch to batch (you remember: Collectibles are subject to change from time to time).

    In order to celebrate my first happy stamping of the sample flyers, I will make a little draw: Be the very first to smell the COLLECTIBLE fragrance: ZETA-a linden blossom theme!

    I will pick 3 happy winners using in a  day or two. Just leave a comment below and you enter the draw and your chances are good to win a 1.5 ml sample in a spray atomizer. Once I picked the winners and close the draw, I will announce it here. The draw is international, independent of where you live. And, just in case you do not know what to write in your comment, here's a question for you: "what means linden blossom to you"?

    Your privacy is important to me: You have my word that I will not make any use of your private data except for contacting you after this draw, nor forward them or sell them to any third party.

  • signs of spring

    Today I show a little daisy picture that I took a minute ago. It is a sign of spring coming. Another sign: We watch our garden with sorrowful eyes. Thus, this morning early at 8,  we went to BAUHAUS to get a Bauhaus rental car and buy some wood  and concrete and other stuff for a little garden project (sort of a fence thing). Sounds bigger a project than it actually is: We just build a little fence to the neighbors.  Thus, I am bit behind schedule and make this post short. Basically, I want to say that Bauhaus is cool; a bit on the butch side, with lots of big machines and stuff that makes boys dream and men get sweaty hands.

    You can buy everything there; everything for your house, your boat, your car, your garden and I am sure, one day in the near future, they will offer a rocket upgrade and cleaning kit.

    Back home, I am sitting there, with sweaty hands, making samples: The hands are sweaty because I wear plastic gloves for this. I am sort of pretty busy because I will leave town on Thursday, for a weekend trip to Rome, where I will proudly assist in opening a new perfumery gallery. Campo Marzio, probably THE selective perfumery in Rome, opens up their newest perfumery that is actually going to be like an art gallery, featuring perfume art. I was cordially invited to meet the press there, have an apero and a dinner afterwards.

    I figured that such an invitation is 1. a must and 2. the perfect excuse for a weekend trip to Rome. Thus, cheers to you!

  • wisch wasch wumm

    Yesterday's packaging exhibition was great. I have seen machines that can do it all: Wisch-wasch-wumm! And BANG! there you go and all is packed and neatly labeled and in boxes and on palettes and you could send them to the moon without any major damage.

    Back in Zurich, where things do not happen in a wisch-wasch-wumm! And BANG!  way, I will need to do some bottle filling exercises today.  Orange Star! Stock of this fragrance is close to zero and with spring ante portas we need bottles in the shelves. But I have seen technology marvels and know what to get when we need to fill a bit more flacons than today.

    And I have seen boxes in all colors and shapes. Amazing what you can get, provided you buy your packaging in the range of 20'000 pieces upward.

    Well, well..

    Here's to "hand made in Switzerland"! I wish you a lovely weekend and will get back to you shortly with more news from the very little manufacture.

  • old rose

    Today's picture is a memento mori, sort of. A rose fading, loosing its brilliance, and drying. And, although the rose did not smell properly when fresh, it faintlystarted to smell of old "gone" rose. Dusty and a bit off. It reminds me a lot in many experimental rose fragrances I did. Roses go off quite swiftly and move away from beautiful flower images into odd, old and dusty territory. But even faster you end up with soapy roses that are so soapy that you feel the foam tickling under your nose.

    But these days roses are less my troubles. I am more thinking "PACKAGING" and will visit a large packaging exhibition in a few hours to see and learn more on the newest development in packaging, producing labels etc. You never know! Technology is advancing so fast.

    Speaking about it: I took  the fading rose picture with mynew camera and although it is the same family (nikon), I am amazed how much more it can do in comparison to the old one. And how fast its electronic is and the sensor is also definitely better.  Thus, in the end, the old camera's death has a good side to it. As long as I do not look deeply into my monthly statements from the bank.

  • in a waiting position

    I am waiting these days.

    For the sun: It is almost all day long grey and I have not seen the sun for a while.

    For spring: I am tired of temperatures around zero Celsius and long for the warmth of the sun and the damp fragrance of earth and the silver light on wet leaves sprinkled with water pearls and the narcotic fragrant hyacinth poison.

    For the green flacons: I want to fill the Linden blossom theme into these flacons, label them with my collectibles stickers and ship them.

    For Rome: I want to go there, to be with friends and perfumers,  toasting and greeting the press at the occasion of a new super shiny shop opening close to the Piazza di Spagna.

    For me, becoming more patient: I need to get used to waiting.

    Today's picture: A black and white snowdrop. I look at it as a beginning.

  • things that matter

    Today, there is more time to think on form, reception of forms and a little bit on function. Why this? Because I will have to do quite some boxing and labeling and sample making today. Time to meditate, think about mails that I need to write and time to think about a packaging issues. Packaging is so important when it comes to presenting fragrances.

    Frighteningly important; so important that I always fear spending too much time and energy on these issues. So many aspects come together and need to fit. Yesterday, for instance, on the way to the movies, all excited because I got to see King's speech in a lovely vintage like cinema, the W.-factor and me discussed briefly the rubber stamp for the Collectibles, respectively for the first fragrance there: The Linden blossom theme.

    I will need to use two rubber stamps for the information that is prone to change from year to year or batch to batch: The EU allergen declaration and the haiku, as I may want to change to another haiku based description sooner or later. This translates into another manual extra step, which means more work to pack the perfume or to produce samples. We discussed this aspect, which translates into more time to get things out. We grumbled a bit about it, realizing that on the other hand, this linden blossom might be one of the few fragrances in this strange perfume market that has a rubber stamp mark on its labels, maybe even with a handwritten "2011" for the year of production, like limited photography prints.

    And, at the end of the day, this matters.

    But what matters more is the form of the perfume. And here is a nice , says it all, concentrated into one sentence description of the form,  by Jo Fairley, in Mail on Sunday Magazine (UK), on roses, featuring a few great rose perfumes, such as Clive Christian's 1872, or Creeds "Fleur de The Rose Bulgare" (I will need to try both  the next time when I am in the UK.)

    She describes the rose chyprée: "Like all chypre perfumes, it's sophisticated - and a little bit "vintage", too." This is charming. And like most creators, I am susceptible to charming words, thus her "With turbocharged staying power, one of the two new rose introductions from a self-taught "niche" perfumer who is the talk of the industry." makes me smile, too.

    But, I smile even more, when I look to the right, where my new camera sits next to me. My old one did not survive surgery and I needed to get a new Nikon. Nikon was nice and gave me a discount. Cheers to Nikon!

    Today's picture is the first shot done with the new baby, shot at 7 am, with shaky sweaty hands. All excited

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