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  • pink hyacinth

    it is in full bloom, the pink hyacinth, down in the 2 meter square garden, and when getting closer to this delicate lady for a picture, the fragrance is close to overwhelming.

    Thinking about it: This IS a perfect name for a fragrance... PINK HYACINTH.

    Actually, its natural scent is overwhelming. And one fine day I wish to continue with hyacinth and come up with a nice, decent take on this flower. Without mechanic, if you know what I mean. If you don't: here's the hint to what I am talking about on PerfumeSmellinThings (click here).

    The pink hyacinth that blooms right now next to a blue variety smells quite differently in comparison to the blue one. What is a roasted spicy undertone in the blue one, is a sweet caramel line with some silvery decoration on it.

    I love hyacinths. Maybe on reason is its rareness. You cannot get hyacinths in the flower shops in autumn. Well, I guess you could if you really, really, really wanted it and did not worry about your CO2 footprint. But it would not be the same. Hyacinths belong to our spring. Basta. The same -by the way- is true for fresh asparagus or strawberries in March. They are everywhere in the shops, asparagus from Mexico or Peru, Stawberries from Morocco or Spain. And I am sure this IS wrong. It is wrong because waiting for these spring delights is part of the joy, and the CO2 footprint is so much larger than waiting and getting them from the farmer around the block.

    And they taste better.

    Thus, we wait ... and while I do so, I pack more boxes and get shipments ready and while you do so , you may want to visit Elena's Perfumeshrine blog and read her review on ZETA -a linden blossom theme- and make sure you take your chance to win a sample. Here is the link to her review.


  • first tulip of the year and a new circle beginning.

    I continue showing you spring teaser flowers: The first tulip that showed its shy red head a few days ago. Today, it is proudly showing it all...

    The last few days have been amazing: An explosion is taking place right in front of our eyes and noses.  And fitting with nature starting another circle we kind of start another circle, too. I sent the papers off for the new office and storage place. I signed the lease. A little signature translating into a major step for me. June 1 is the date when I can get in there, and I look forward to moving there. Not that it would not be nice sitting on my bench here, in our little room, close to tulips with a view. But it is getting narrow here. Yesterday, when packing the first ZETA's into boxes, later in the evening, the W.-factor and me realized again how little space is left in this room.

    Thus, by June 1 we can start moving.

    And until them, we continue in our little room. And as it is the last weeks in there: I suddenly enjoy it more than before.

    I will continue packing ZETAs today. And will start shipping the first ZETAs to retailers. And tonight, I go for a burger, meeting friends, old friends, that worked with me and helped me a lot in a previous circle that I luckily left.

  • it gets green around us

    Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where we are all in happy busy production mode. Next Friday, I will travel to Milan, to visit Esxence on Saturday. Thus, I want to get a lot of things done and fixed before this weekend.

    Contrary to last year, I will not have a stand together with my Italian importer; this time we decided that we focus on the Pitti Fragrance exhibition in Florence. It is a simple question of resources, and money. But I am optimistic that I will get together with a few friends and perfume lovers nevertheless.

    Until I hop into the train: Busy pouring and packing ZETA. I plan to put it online on my shop soon; right now I am aiming at April 1.

    Today's picture is from last week, taken in a beech forest, with lots and lots and lots of bear's garlic. Green, green and a yummy March forest perfume in the air.

  • viola odorata

    My best wishes for your weekend!

    I am back from my hike, sniffed a few violet on my way there, and will now happily start pouring the ZETA flacons over the weekend.

    Yes, we got the last missing piece for the production of the ZETA flacons.

    Today's picture shows you a little, fragrant violet, seen near Buchs, SG.


  • hyacinth

    Believe it or not: I am taking one day off tomorrow. It is just too nice, with the sun shining bright and from a cloudless sky, and temperatures during the day getting really lovely.

    And as I am sort of tired of answering mails and want to think a few bottle questions through, I figure that a day in bright sunlight might help.

    We will compensate by working over the weekend.

    Today' s picture: A not so secret love of mine, blooming these days in the garden. Hyacinth. Every year, I rediscover its scent. It is just wonderful. Yesterday, in the late afternoon sun, there was something reminding me of tuberose in it. An almost brown depth next to the silvery sharpness. Simply an amazing fragrance. One day, one day, I need to go back to hyacinth.

  • this is a promotional post

    I learned to my surprise and all happily that my fragrance ORANGE STAR made it as finalist into the category niche for the 2010's FIFI award.

    This award is voted for by UK basenotes members (only the UK members votes count) and if you are interested in voting or learning more: Here's the link (click here). It is organized in partnership with Basenotes and it is all exciting. At least for me.

    The finalists can go to the diner (for free) and I booked my flight yesterday for London, hoping in and out within 24 hours, and a gala diner in between. Feels good and strange at the same time, if you know what I mean.

    Another diner takes place today: I will speak about the "Duft aus dem die Träume sind" (literally translated: the fragrance that is part of our dreams ) and do a  little tour on self and scents for a friend who organizes get togethers. And I am invited for another free diner.

    Thus, spring came with a bunch of happy news. Today's picture shows you an anemone that I picked for a later scan yesterday in the woods, while picking bear's garlic for our daily salad. Spring is just great!

  • cosmoprof

    So I was in Bologna and have seen the station, the way to the COSMOPROF exhibition area by taxi and the face of the guy in front of me, from a 5 cm distance, on the way back to the station, using public transport.

    Thus, I cannot really tell you how Bologna is, but I can tell you that the guy facing me in the bus and the thousands of guys and girls at COSMOPROF all look ed so beautiful and must have invested hours. For me, cosmoprof translates into shock and ohhhh!. Shock because -being a niche in a niche in a niche producer of fragrances- you realize how large the world is and how many brands there are that you have never heard of.

    And OH! because you find super machines there, doing it all for you. Thus, there is hope for tauer ville: If need is, we can fill our soon rented rooms with doing-it-all-for-you machines!

    And OH! because you come around a lot of flacons and ideas of what else to do in tauer ville and beyond. But this "else" is another story that is developing soon here and there.

    Thus, I came home, standing in the train, because the train ticket was printed for the wrong date, and I had  no seat, with a catalog or two, and the urge to fill those green collectible flacons, get the reddish Carillon bottles out and make room for new exciting projects.

    If all goes well, I will start filling the green collectibles bottles this week. There we go!

  • every day a bit closer

    Tomorrow, I take the train at 7 am to go to Bologna, to back the same day after 11 hours in the train. Time, to think about a speech I will give on Tuesday evening on "scents of your dreams", and time to think about a few projects that I have running. And about how to arrange my stock in the new rooms once we can get in there. And think of a nice color for at least one wall. I figure blue would be cool on one wall, while leaving the others white.

    The next steps there, to get the rental contract for the rooms: Send my application together with an official confirmation that I never went bankrupt so far. Which is sort of funny. Looking back into a bright past does not really tell anything about the future. Anyhow: Here's a detail on how fast the Swiss authorities (sometimes) work: I sent a filled form off by snail mail to the state agency providing these official confirmations on Thursday evening at 6pm. On Saturday, 8 am I have the stamped form in my letter box.

    Amazing, isn't it?

    Amazing is also the number of emails that I am getting these days. Everybody wants the ZETA collectibles. NOW!


    To be honest: I  am still waiting for the last piece in my supply chain for the ZETA. Unfortunately the green wooden top covers are delayed due to "force majeur" (a broken machine). But I was promised that on Tuesday the will leave Austria and by the end of next week, I shall have this last missing item and then... then.... then... In about 10 days I will pour and label and box the ZETA -a linden blossom theme- and then I will ship it and then I will start offering it.

    I am sorry that some of you need to wait another 2 weeks or so.  Thank you for your patience. I have a hard time waiting longer.

    Until we are there: Let's enjoy spring coming every day a bit closer.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  • room to dance a Tango


    The real estate rent agency and me agreed on the price and conditions and now I just wait for the contract papers and by May 1 I will be a proud renter of two rooms, 15 min biking distance. The rooms will need some painting and I can't wait to show you pictures and share all the details.

    The two rooms are connected by a door and we will use one of them as storage room for boxes, bottles, labels, paper and all the other stuff that fills my place here. And the second room will be a boxing, packing room with space to dance a tango.

    Well, almost.

    Actually, not really. Maybe a slow Waltz might work.

    The picture to the left shows you one of the reasons why we need to move out of our little farm into a place with more space. This shipment goes South right now and I can only say: Yes, I love you all, my dear Italian fans and friends.

    And now: Off to the train station. I need to travel to Bologna on Sunday, 5.5 hours forth by train, the same time I will need to go back by train and in the middle I will visit a stand or two at the Cosmoprof exhibition.

  • on the move-we hope

    Yesterday, as announced earlier, we could finally pick up all the papers and labels from the printer shop for the COLLECTIBLES and the PENTACHORDS®. The Pentachords trademark, by the way, got approved the other day in the US by USPTO  for publication. Welcome to the neurotic world of brand protection. A game that is more expensive than fun but that needs to be played...

    Anyhow, before I fall into brand protection lamentations: Here is the latest news from the swiftly moving tauer folks. Since half a year I am trying to find an office and production room with two side conditions: close enough to get there by bike and affordable enough to continue selling my fragrances for a price that folks can pay. These days, everything is still happening in our house and in the cellars of my neighbors.

    Yesterday, for the first time in 25 weeks, I found one. Actually, we found several options, all in the same building, in different sizes and forms. We took the bike (w.-factor and me) to get there in 15 minutes and now we just hope that the official price is going to be in the range expected. If we are lucky, in a few weeks from now, we shall not have to climb above boxes anymore when going to bed. Hurray.

    PS: Sorry for not commenting ... we are utterly busy around here.

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