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  • happy weekend

    full of positive energy, and happily returned from Milano, in full anticipation of a weekend with some time for fragrant games with scented matière première I send you my greetings for your weekend.

    I hope it will be colorful.


  • still waiting for spring

    To be honest: I have seen it. Big time. Now it is time for spring's colors. At least when it comes to my humble opinion. But nature needs a couple of weeks more. Thus, we engage in pampering surrogates: Buying tulips and playing with tuberose molecules.

    Today, I am busy with some production, boxing, shipping issues.

    And tomorrow, I am in Milano.

    Thus, you might hear again from me on Friday. In the mean time, I hope you have more sun than we have here....

    Today's picture shows you a scanned tulip that I got yesterday. There is a hint of a fragrance to the plant (the flower buds are not open, yet). It is green and reminds in lily of the valley. A hint of spring.

    "EDITED after posting: I forgot to send you the link for the latest on Mandy Aftel's and mine exchange, hosted by Nathan who is always so nice to publish our open letters on his online space. Thank you Nathan! And here is the latest on where we are with fire tree. Enjoy! -> Click here."

  • dilution work out ahead

    Today is dilution day. Big time!

    All PENTACHORDSⓇ go into dilution today. As I want to have juice for 1000 flacons each in stock by mid May, we will pour some 150 liters of volatile flammable liquids forth and back. I will do so with a flame extinguisher nearby.  And making sure that all metal parts are earthed to prevent spark formation that could start an ethanol fire. There, I have quite some respect.

    Last year, when preparing for the launch of the two new fragrances in autumn (the rose vermeille and the eau d'épices) we had a very hard time keeping up with orders, stock and making sure that all was ready for the launch and beyond. In the end, we got it sort of out of the house, but a bit too late. This year, I want to have all PENTACHORD scents ready by May, allowing me to present them to the press, to perfume lovers, to retailers and to produce all for shipment in summer for launch in autumn. It sounds weird, but this is the way things work. And this early time frame allows for some delays which might come in handy.

    For those of you not familiar with the PENTACHORDS idea: It is a  dedicated line of scents within the Tauer family of fragrances. I will be available in September 2011, in a 50 ml pentagonal flacon that is light turquoise colored. You might want look at the Pentachords  as gallery sculptures, or a fragrant  chord each, uncompromisingly minimalist, built on 5 notes only. These 5 notes are 5 ingredients that I blend in a way that the resulting chord is a harmony. This is not easy. I worked on the concept for a while but rarely talked about it. What sets the pentachords apart, by the way, is the ingredients: You will find in the pentachords top notch molecules that you do not get in this concentration and for the anticipated price tag anywhere else.

    Perfume lovers tend to forget: There are molecules that are very expensive, more expensive than naturals like Patchouli or a Vanilla Carbon Dioxide extract, or the best lavender oil from France. It is these molecules that render each pentachord unique.

    There will be a pentachord_WHITE, a pentachord_AUBURN, and a pentachord_VERDANT. But first things first: Dilution time!

    (PENTACHORDS is a registered trademark in the US, EU and CH)

Items 11 to 13 of 13 total

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