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  • there are no answers, only choices

    The quote "there are no answers, only choices" is from Stanislav Lem's novel Solaris. Removed from its context of exploring intelligent life beyond earth, it is a quote that I find fitting with and for a lot of aspects of life; and it fits with questions we ask, looking into the sky, in search for answers. Unfortunately there are none.

    But there are choices everywhere. Nature works like that, in an endless series of error prone reproduction and selection. And as humans, we work like that, too. We have choices and by choosing we move forward.

    This week, my choices are somewhat relevant. I will have to decide on how to inform my retailing friends and partners on the Linden blossom fragrance. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will get most of the labels from the printing company. The green flacons should be delivered within the next two weeks. Thus, slowly but surely we should be a bit more specific. How and when I do so will influence for what price, by when and how the Linden blossom fragrance will hit the shelves. So far, I mentioned this upcoming fragrance only on the side, like here on my blog, without any pricing and design details. Thus, I need to choose the dates and price level now. And trust me: This is not easy.

    You see... no answers, only choices.

    Today's picture shows you a cut through red cabbage, scanned. It could go for an alien brain.

  • fragrant kingdoms and what perfumery is all about

    In St. Petersburg, during the gala diner, I held a speech. The only recommendation given to me was "make it beautiful". Thus, I was free to speak for 10 min about my passion and what I feel when it comes to creating perfumes. In the following, you find my English text of this evening. I like it very much. You find in it my perspective of perfumery, and I will use a few elements for a little card that I wish to create in the next weeks. I feel, I can hold this speech to you now....Thus, there we go....


    Ladies and Gentlemen
    It is with great pleasure that I am here with you and it is with greatest honor that I speak to you.
    Today, at the occasion of this wonderful banquet, in a lovely environment, with delicious food, exciting drinks, and in beautiful company, I wish to seduce you.
    I would like to take to by the hand and together, we will make a journey to fragrant land. It is the kingdom where perfumes are born.
    But I must warn you: It is a dangerous journey. Once we are on our way to this faraway place, you may not want to come back, because it is warm and cozy, and here it is cold!
    This fragrant land is -of course!- an imaginary kingdom. And you can only get there in your fantasy.
    In these kingdoms where perfumes are born everything is possible. In these kingdoms, where perfumes are born, we draw pictures with scents.
    Every perfumer, every nose works like this. We paint pictures with scents. We create melodies with fragrant notes, we compose music with these melodies.
    Now, close your eyes and dream a dream of Morocco. Imagine you are in your hotel, in your elegant suite, after a long hot day in the Saharan desert. You are lying on your bed, the door to the terrasse is wide open.
    The warm evening wind blows and flows into the spacey suite where you are on the bed. It carries the air from the desert, the bright memories of a long dry day in the sun, it brings with it the spices from the oriental bazaar, it carries the scent of the jasmine bush that is flowering in the garden below. It is sweet from the perfume of the warm cookies out of the oven in the bakery around the corner.
    It is a dry fragrance that fills the room and that makes you dream a dream in a dream.
    This Moroccan dream you will find in my fragrance L'air du desert marocain.
    Maybe this is the biggest fascination of creating art and perfumes: All of us, we are all free to dream and create.
    We can imagine a cowboy, after a long ride on his horse, in the sunset, under a clear sky, smoking his cigarette. We can dream a green garden full of roses without thorns.
    We can imagine a fluffy oriental carpet, flying over old Persan cities, leaving a trail of rose petals like a gleaming comet.
    Being a perfumer, I have the privilege to create these fragrant images. Being an artist, working independently in freedom, I can compose what I want to create.
    Let me quote here the words of Cyrano de Bergerac, who was a poet, philosopher, inventor and simply a free man:
    "Dream, laugh, go lightly, solitary, free,
    With eyes that look straight forward - fearless voice!
    To cock your beaver just the way you choose, - "
    I do not have to compromise. I choose the colors and the shapes. I draw the light and the shadow.
    Of course, this is not easy. It may take for years to finish a perfume. Sometimes, I may never arrive at the point where I am satisfied. It is a long, adventurous, and maybe strenuous journey for perfumers in the kingdom of fragrances.
    But when we reach our goal and look at what we have created, then we are truly happy. Once the fragrant picture is finished, I pour the liquid image into a flacon. And the flacon will be like a frame that highlights the fragrant picture.
    After a long journey, in the end, this fragrant portrait develops in front of your nose.
    These fragrant images are full of emotions. A flacon with perfume is magic in a bottle. And yet, each perfume is not finished. It is you who continues to draw the picture in your fantasy.
    Perfumes are made for people. Skin is the canvas for perfumes. It is the warm skin that presents perfumes to the real world.
    The skin and the perfume unify and the beauty of the fragrant picture transforms the wearer of the perfume. The perfume and the human being become one.
    Perfumes evoke emotion, they make you smile and this renders the fragrant pictures alive.

    I  thank you!

    (Andy Tauer's speech held in St. Petersburg, February 18 2011)

  • design aspects

    Today's picture on the left is a shot made with the i-phone somewhere in the vast Moscow Metro ( for a quick overview of its history: click here to visit the Metro Website in English). A lamp that shines its post Soviet light onto stone walls that seem to be built for eternity. The political system, the party and all that came with it was not built for eternity, but the metro in Moscow made me remember these days. There are pictures on the walls with parachutes and more brave pictures in socialist realism style.

    And there is this very  art deco style that you find everywhere that I like so much. This is really wow. I love art deco. But as I stayed basically only 30 hours in Moscow, doing a training and visiting LE FORM boutiques, really chic and hip concept stores, Andrey (my business partner) and myself rushed through the underground system too fast to really appreciate all its beauty. Like the St. Petersburg metro the lines are really deep, deep down and the metro fulfilled also a function as shelter.

    My pentagonal flacon is in a sense also  a little bit art deco, or makes a reference to art deco. Design becomes the longer the more important in my life. And guess whom I visited in Switzerland the day after my arrival: Yep. I visited my designer friend from the Designers Club, showed him the sample of the pentachords® flacon (the same pentagonal flacon, but a clear glass, with the faintest hint of turquoise). We had an issue with the color and I wanted to show him the flacon color that I needed to decide.

    I will talk more about the pentachords in a few days. First, I need to talk a bit more on the Carillon pour un ange. I am sometimes forgetting that scents and flacons that are a thing of the past for me are all new for my perfume loving friends. Thus, this morning, when waking up, I realized that I need to to a PR sheet for the Carillon pour un ange.

    And I think I have an idea how to do it. It should reach some points of sales physically together with a sample to show the shop owners what Carillon pour un ange is all about. And this PR sheet should reach some blogs electronically, to spread the news about the 30 ml flacon coming soon in May to the shops.

    Thus, chances are good you will encounter it.

    The first batch of 30 ml flacons however will go to Russia, with joy, this week.

  • a woman in blue

    I need to move on with a lot of projects, thus there was not a lot of time to sit and contemplate so far. I need to see that I can find some minutes to review my days in Russia. I might do so while you watch the 90 seconds movie that I did in the St. Petersburg Metro. The metro is a wonderful thing. First it brings you from A to B, second I got the chance to ride moving stairs like I never did in my life. At the bottom of every long moving stair there sits a woman (or a man) watching over the folks using it. Amazing. You are guarded and feel very safe down there. And the best: It is warm.

    St. Petersburg was so cold! Although I brought a few really thick and warm pullovers, one even from the Swiss army, it got cold after a while. Thus, we ended quite quick always inside. Like in the Hermitage, which is simply amazing. So many pictures of Picasso, Renoir, Cezanne, ..... oh my. I need to get back there as I have only seen so little.

    Actually, watching the "woman, seated, blue" made me think a lot. It is a picture with magic. We watched and asked us, what does it tell us?

    [pro-player width='380' height='247' type='video'][/pro-player]

  • a moment of sadness

    When the plane brought me up into the air yesterday, there was a moment of sadness. The sadness of leaving after a few days in a special place with good and brave people. Leaving after enjoying the company of people, who are very passionate about what they do and people who follow on the things that I do and say, more than I had ever expected.

    I was more than once  touched very deeply by the passion and the warmth of my reception in Russia. I am not talking about the facebook "LIKE" passion here. I feel this is different.

    I took a picture with my phone to capture the moment, looking out into the sky over St. Petersburg, with a little tear in my eye, and a smile on my lips as I looked into the sun knowing that I will come back.

  • reception at 6 pm

    I am getting ready for my trip to Russia.

    And, as it is a first time for many reasons: time to get a little bit nervous. But just a little bit; as I have lots of last minute preparations on the table, there is not enough time to enter deeply into really nervous territory. And as far as my program is concerned in Moscow at Le Form and in St. Petersburg at Salon Parfumer: no worries there except for the gala diner with the reception starting at 6 pm, as this sounds like wow. double wow. a model and moderation and speeches and dresses and music and videos wow....

    They have built a program for this evening that is mind blowing and I will need a vodka or two to bravely go where Andy did not go so far.

    Anyhow, I figured, as I do not expect to post a lot on my blog during this coming week, I think it is time for another little draw.  The winner wins a flacon of one of my fragrances, and the winner can choose which one. The draw is open for participation from the whole wide word and I mention it here if it is closed.


    A thanks to all of you who participated!


    When back from Russia  I will pick a winner from the comments section, using Thus, just leave a little comment with a valid e-mail address to contact you if you won. As always: I will not make any use from your private data except for contacting the winner. More details on your privacy: See me privacy statement (click here).

    See you soon again. Until then: Fragrant greetings.

  • scents of wonder

    How about a few instructions for everyday life? Here's one and more if you continue scrolling on ReadyMade's Febrary/March edition (click here). In this edition I give a short instruction how to make a fragrant glycerine soap. Or you can learn how to make a simple solid perfume in Mandy Aftel's contribution, or Yosh Han will give you scented tricks and more.

    My favorite in this ReadyMade magazine, however, was the "your guide to becoming a ROAD SCHOLAR". Perfect timing.

    On Tuesday, I fly out to Moscow and I learned already a lot from ReadyMade: I will roll my shorts in the suitcase and not fold them....

    Have lovely weekend and enjoy the wonders of a fragrant world.

  • the final chapter of the inlay story

    It felt like an endless story and it was a bumpy road where the story took developed and turned up and down in strange twists. But now we come to the end of the poetic search for the perfect inlay. Yesterday, I placed the final order for the inlay, at a German company. The folded origami style paper, the black sheets of paper crumpled: all suboptimal. Nice as it may have looked, it was not protecting the contents, my precious flacons, good enough and it was too much work folding these inlays.

    Thus, we will soon get a preformed inlay, perfectly matching the flacon, made from high durable polypropylene sheets. I wished I could have done it all with paper but this is the compromise we have to make.

    The inlay comes with a velvet surface that feels like the fur of a desert poodle right after trimming. So soft and fine. So gentle.

    The grey color fits with the metal box and presents the flacons well.

    Now, the company that will produce them, needs to first make the metal mold, as they have made a wooden mold first. Then they will produce the inlay. And then they will ship it. And then my inlay journey comes to an end.

    Picture to the left: A scan of the inlay with the rose vermeille flacon.

  • open camera

    OK, folks: the last few days were very busy and the next few days will also see me running around a bit faster than average.

    Hence,  I did not post yesterday. In fact, yesterday I had a photo camera falling into coma and I tried what every guy interested in high tech does: I tried to fix it myself. This lead to the camera dying a fast but painless death. It is on its way to Nikon heaven now and we hope for a cheap resurrection.  In the mean time: we recycle photos of the past., and start with egg plants, as appetizer food:

    Slice the egg plant, sprinkle salt on top, let stand for an hour, remove the liquid that is forming and then put into a pan with little bit of oil and fry until golden (a bit).

    Put in a try and pour a bouillon over it that you prepared before hand:

    A bit of bouillon (2 dl), garlic, chilly (fine chopped), bay leaves, pepper corns, and a bit vinegar and a bit white wine. Let cook for 2-5 minutes until most of the vinegar is gone. Let cool and pour still warm over the egg plants.

    Let marinate for an hour or two before serving with white bread.

    While you enjoy it, I will continue working: Making new batches of scents and getting all the labels for the first Collectible LINDEN BLOSSOM THEME ready for the printer. Launch: End April.... yeehaw!

  • black and white

    Today, I share another picture of last week's tulips: the flowers opened up and I made pictures of them on Saturday in the afternoon sun. This time, I show you a tulip in black and white. Quite amazing how different the same flower look: It is the same structures, the same shapes, but the missing color lets us focus on them differently.

    If I look at the picture, I feel that the missing color adds depth to it, and adds questions.

    In a sense, this is the effect I aim at with the collectibles. We will not describe the fragrance with notes or ingredients (other than the EU law allergens). I discussed this long time with my designers from the Designer Club. The fragrances in the COLLECTIBLES line (the first launch is the Linden blossom theme in April/May 2011) are limited and subject to change over years of production. The are "out of the lab", consequent, without compromises, expensive, modest, and will not use any pictures or body parts to advertise.

    Thus, we discussed for a while how to give a hint nevertheless, a few words that code it if you so want. After a while I decided that I will make a HAIKU for this fragrance, as good as I can.  As I will make a manual stamper, in order to stamp the labels on the packaging and the samples information, this initial haiku might easily be changed to another one.

    For instance a haiku that I select from a competition, once the fragrance is out and folks can sniff it. This is important, as a haiku needs the moment of experience.

    But for the launch we will use the haiku that I sent to the designer yesterday:

    Linden shade in June-
    sweet rose petals and the light
    of Syracusa.

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