Scented cards

Yesterday, I got the scented cards, perfumed with the scent of the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, delivered to my house. Hurray! They smell -like the test we did beforehand- gorgeous and incredibly close to what you get out of the flacon. Thus, this week is definitely a Carillon week.

These cards are a bit difficult to make pictures of. But I tried....The paper is actually snow white, but in order to get the relief out, I used different colored lights...

The front page has a relief embossed: Tauer and IMMERSIVE SCULPTURES at the bottom.

Here a detail of the relief. In this resolution, you can guess the fine structure of the paper that consists of super extra long fibers. It holds the perfume for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Each of the cards is wrapped in a little Polypropylene bag that seals the cards.

relief detail


The back side shows the negative relief and the name of the perfume, in fine Avant Garde letters.

Love it!  Soon in perfumeries nearby.....And I will use it to ship with  orders.

backside of scented card


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