white wonderful wintertime

Yesterday, Sunday, we worked like horses; the horses that used to carry the beer wagons. We did so because it was all grey and ugly. But today we took a day off to compensate and headed for WWW like white wonderful wintertime, up there in the mountains.

It is always amazing again: Two hours in the train and we find ourselves in a different world. A silent world with almost zero people as soon as you leave the tracks of ski lifts bringing folks up. In a sense, the same is true for everyday life. A nice fragrance put on together with a smile and we find ourselves in a different world.

I used the time up there to get rid of a few calories and plan the next weeks in my head.

View from Heinzenberg


And just to enjoy the sun. It was almost a bit too much for my eyes: I am not used to it anymore after days and days in the house and in a city under fog.

Me trying to look into the sun


Indeed, we had sun, and enjoyed every bit of it until it hid behind the mountains.

sun going down over Glaspass


And tomorrow, we shall enjoy filling many flacons with fragrant liquids...

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