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  • wish you

    Today's picture shows you an orchid, in full and unfortunately short bloom theses days, in front of a gentle afternoon sun.

    I wish you a sunny weekend!

  • even more soaps

    So many things happening these days! I have another video for you: Packing the soaps into paper (after having wrapped them in cellophane foil)

    Today we finish the first round of 400 soaps. 400 more to go. While packing them I will use the meditative groove to think perfumes.  I will have to have a look at the linden blossom trial. I feel I need to adjust a little bit there. And I want to have a look at the cologne: The one that is matured and diluted, that I called "COLOGNE DU MAGHREB", a cologne with a woody base, looking good to me so far: I features lines of cedar wood from Morocco, hints of ambrein and cistus and a fine line of vetiver. I looked at the formula yesterday: 19 ingredients. Quite complex already. Among them also rose absolute from Morocco, Petitgrain from Morocco, Neroli from Tunesia, Orange blossom absolute from Egypt ... I mentioned it before: This cologne trial is all natural/botanical. And it feels ok that way, no need to add any synthetics there. With this formula in mind, I want to play on the cologne with a sandalwood /rose lines in the background. To be honest: I do not know where I am heading there, but I love doing it, so I do it.

    And here is the video. Enjoy...

    [pro-player width='380' height='271' type='video' image=''][/pro-player]

  • more soaps

    More on the happy, meditative, nirvana (almost more mandarines scent than you can deal with) inducing soap making: Including a little video showing you two hands and a pile of soaps being packed into cellophane foil.

    We sort of improved our pouring process, and the W.-factor built two frames for pouring the soap into. Thus, we can easily make 100 soaps a day on the side. Wrapping them, however, takes a bit longer, because we wrap them first into cellophane foil, then into paper, then into a bag and then we put a sticker on them. The first process step you see below: Wrapping into foil.

    By the way: The soaps cannot be bought, we make them for an apothecary where folks will get them as gifts, and these hands are mine.


    [pro-player width='380' height='271' type='video' image=''][/pro-player]

  • open letters on linden blossom

    It is with great pleasure (and many thanks for Nathan's support) that I announce the next series of open letters between Mandy Aftel and myself on Linden blossom and creating perfumes from a broader perspective. I invite you to read more on our take on this natural beauty here (click here) on Nathan's blog.

    Today's picture shows you two little vials of a dilution each (10%, 16%) that I made over the weekend, after two weeks of maturation of a trial, labeled October 11. So far so good. We need more patience. Anything else that is relevant there right now: See the open letter on Nathan's blog.

    Other news today: It is a logistics troubles day. I sent off juice a week ago, of the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, in various dilutions, to test it for the scent cards production that we want get done, in France. Yep, you guess it right: So far the parcel is not delivered. It probably never will. I need to make a second parcel with dilutions to be on the safe side, as the French Post seem challenged these days. But it is not strike related, they simply have a hard time delivering a parcel with a computer printed address that is correct.

    On another note, before the second coffee (no need for an extra coffee rush): Because I sort of did not trust the track and trace of one of the last big parcels,sent by truck, I checked it again. And a quick telephone call confirmed it: They lost it, cannot find it anymore. Now they search it.

    And finally, I am still waiting for an answer to my e-mail query where ordered and paid products are. It is my first order from a particular essential oil producer and they simply seem incapable of answering or providing support. I guess you can feel it: We are not amused down here and I will soon talk publicly about my experience with them, what I usually do not do when things are in negative territory.

    On a bright note to finish it all up: The Cologne, now baptized COLOGNE DU MAGHREB (see yesterday's dilution remark) is lovely. I went to bed with a spritz/splash and slept like  a prince, assuming princes sleep well.

  • allusions

    Today, we will pour a lot of RÊVERIE AU JARDIN into flacons, because we see yet another mini boom for the Rêverie, and put the NEW  design wooden tops onto the top of the filled and crimped flacons. These black top covers are made from beech wood, by the way, by a family owned Austrian company, Leitner Design, and if you ever look for design and manufacturing competence in wood: Go there! The picture to the left shows you a prototype of the adjusted design. The new design is on top of the "old" design. We got rid of a wood rim and change to O-rings around the flacon's neck to a thicker diameter and from now on: The cover tops stick. It sticks really well, without being to hard to remove. Actually, you need to turn them a  little bit in order to put them on top or getting them off.

    But the bottom line: They stick better now. It was a little flaw that we corrected and praised be the W.-factor for he had the idea!

    Other highlights of today: I will dilute my take on the "w0ody" Eau de cologne, after 3 weeks of maturation. You remember ? (if not: Here is the link)

    My goal was to come up with a cologne that is a bit more on the woody side, leaving a gentle layer of cedar wood (Atlas variety, from Morocco) and a glimmer of rockrose. I feel this might work. If not, we will do it again, slightly differently. If it does: Then we smile for a moment. And will start with the next one.
    I feel a cologne with a sandalwood allusion, and a hint of cinnamon or other spices might be wonderful. Or better even: an allusion of sandalwood with a halo of spicy rose oil. You see: I love, love, love working with neroli these days, a wonderful, yet highly expensive natural material. Expensive means: Yes, really expensive. It is the steam distilled orange blossom, the neroli oil, that lets an eau de cologne explode in expensive sparkles. It is so beautiful to work with.

  • autumn groove

    Here, at the foot of the alps, under heavy clouds, we get into full autumn mode. The light is grey, the colors of the painted trees faded, the streets reflect the dark clouds like wet mirrors, and the fruits of the year are harvested.

    When I prepared today's orders for the post, filling out the little green C22 forms for customs, I realized that it is October 25; which translates into end October, which is almost November, and this means time to think about the last few weeks of this year. The annual scent apero: The scent gathering that I organize together with Pascal, the shop owner of Medieval art&vie, the shop in Zurich where you can get my scents, exclusively in Switzerland, as it is there where all started..... I think I will do a CITRUS focused scent apero, showing my take on a cologne, too.

    By the way: If you are in the region, we will do the scent apero on Saturday, December 11, Felsenegg Keller in Zurich 1, 17.00.

    And time to think "advent calendar" again. My annual advent calender with some give-aways, funny posts and the countdown towards X-mas and the holidays. It feels like I need to prepare a few things there, too. I guess I will go into full end year getting ready mode any second.

  • colors of soap

    Yesterday, we packed a few more soaps, in my little room with a view, and a blue sky with a gentle October sun shining outside into trees in golden fire. When the sun shines into the piles of soaps, cut and ready for their cellophane-wrap and the paper wrap and the PP-bag, then the soaps start to gleam and shine in an all natural gold. The color comes from the essential oils of mandarine and clementine. And as I use a lot, a very lot of these oils, these soaps get a lovely natural color. (that's we call them mandarines ambrées, by the way)

    Before you switch into soap excitement mode, though: These soaps are a gift that a Zurich apothecary makes to his clients at the end of the year. We will not sell it.Yet.

    We got the first 150 or so done and packed. But as the pouring and cutting is a bit slow, the W.-factor, quite artfully builds a soap pouring frame and my brother who works in glass produces a glass plate going into the frame to pour the soaps onto. We shall go into heavy duty pouring and cutting and wrapping mode next week. Actually, on a side note: For the frame we visited a local do it yourself shop thing. A shopping tour that I always love. It is such a down to earth environment, no fancy bling bling, but a lot of guys and girls checking out tools and machines and some of the machines are really big and the guys and girls are really butch, although I do not know whether a girl can be called butch. Well, I  guess we loose topic here.

    Besides thinking about shades of green, outside of any eau de cologne context by the way, I engage into more textual work over the weekend, writing open letters and stuff.  Thus, stay tuned and visit us again next week. Finally, for those familiar with Spanish: Here's a lovely take on the ROSE VERMEILLE on a Spanish blog called SHIMMU. Click here.

    And here are my best wishes for your weekend, enjoy!

  • shades of blue and green

    We are thinking colors again: a name for a particular  shade of blue - green, for things coming out in Autumn 2011. Today I want to work on some texts and colors. And later in the afternoon I will fool around with a few scents in development, as it is play time today!

    About Autumn 2011....  This time, this time, this time: We want to take our time. And do it right. With a super master plan.  Thus, coming in autumn translates into, will be ready to ship to retailers and the press and folks who care in May, will be poured and bottled and boxed and labeled in March, and this means that I order the flacons, the labels et cetera in December. At the latest. Thus, we think about shades of green. And a  name for shade of green, blue green. Like emerald, but emerald is kind of close to emeraude and there I am not sure about intellectual property issues.

    Thus, I am thinking VIRIDIAN which is more on the green side, or TURQUOISE, which is more on the blue side, or even celadon which is sort of in the middle but I am not sure whether folks understand, or teal but then teal is also a name for a duck , and nothing againts ducks, but somehow, I do not know why, duck and perfume does not go well together..."you smell gorgeous, like a duck"..., or maybe I go  simply for "VERT".

    Actually, I will need later two more colors, but these I sort of already got in my mind....

    Thus, happy playing and thinking ahead. Today's pictures shows you a row of discovery sets, empty tins, the inside, in a nice baby turquoise kind of blueish color with a hint of green.

  • ¡ vamos !

    After yesterday's news on my brand being soon available in France, here comes the next exciting news. Tauer goes south. Actually, this is true in a very literal sense. I will be in Madrid, end November, presenting my brand to folks from the press, as my products will very soon be available at Le Secret du Marais in Madrid. I ship the first parcel down there end next week. I am very optimistic that my brand will feel very much at home there. And I have a good excuse to travel to Madrid.  So this is a good news.

    On an other note, concerning yesterday's post on the "SCENTED CARDS": Actually, I did not outline enough that these cards are quite high tech, and quite hand work. The paper is sort of soaked with the scent but in a way that does not destroy the paper's structure and any embossing. We will go for the luxury top end version and will also use some embossing on the card. The "IMMERSIVE SCULPTURES" claim of the brand will be embossed. Unfortunately, to start with , we cannot make these cards available to the whole world... money wise, this would not make sense. I consider it an experiment and then we see.

    Ah, yes: The card will be scented with CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, and if you wonder what others think about it, you might want to read Kevin's review, over there on NowSmellThis. Do not miss the comments: EMERGENCY SCRUBBER SURVIVAL KIT  might come in handy.

    And finally, another tauer centric picture goes with this post: It shows you the folded paper inlay for the HOMAGE flacons in the pentagonal metal box in dim light. As soon as we will have used up the first round of boxes, we will switch the inlay for the entirely tauer line to this folded design. The second version of the fold paper is being produced now; it should be a touch easer to fold... and the second production round of boxes is on their way and sometimes the W.-factor and me worry about where to fit these cubic meters.

    I guess this is enough for one post now. Except maybe this last little note: Today, I will melt some Benzoin (Benzoe Sumatra resinoid) for some experiments on the side. I love, love, love this....

  • on y va

    You remember how I sort of complained about how difficult France is for artisanal and niche perfumery? And how I went to secret missions from here to there?

    Finally, good news and a bright sky above us. My scent babies go to Grenoble. Yes. Imagine! Last Friday I visited LM.Parfums, or in other words la première avenue boutique, right in the center of Grenoble, 6 rue Guétal. There, after buying sneakers for the W.-factor who was nice enough to join me and to translate later, there we did a quick presentation of what tauer means when it comes bottled.

    And now, a fat 25 kg parcel sits next to me and waits for the truck to Grenoble.

    Thus, la France pour la parfumerie artisanale existe. And we only hope that the strike will not affect the truck driver tomorrow.

    The picture shows you a bit of a French sky, taken during my biking holiday in the Grenoble region.

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