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  • London party

    Today's picture shows you a scan of a protea, a plant like from an other planet. Actually, it is from South Africa and we got the flower as a gift from guests yesterday. Spacey, right?

    End next week, I will be -not on another planet- but another place: I visit the UK again. If you live in the area of London: Consider reserving an hour or so on Saturday, October 9, and let Ronny from Scents and Sensibility know. She organizes a party, to get together, sniff roses, and drink sparkling things. Drop her a line following the e-mail link in her post (click here for her post)

    Another reason why I visit the UK: Staff training at Les Senteurs. Actually it is more like a getting together with the folks in the shop and a discovery session: Welcome to the fragrant world of Mr. Tauer. I visited Les Senteurs twice this year, and I love this shop.

    It is truly independent, not belonging to a distribution chain where you then end up only finding the distribution stuff, and Claire has the freedom to pick the brands she finds interesting enough for her clients. Lucky me, she picked my brand, too. And because they really care about supporting their clients in finding the right fragrant stories I figured: Hey, we need to teach them a bit.

    Thus, we hit the plane again end next week. And we look forward to fish and chips.


    2nd picture: A detail from the protea scan.

  • hand in hand

    Today Nathan published two open letters on his blog, side by side, one by Mandy Aftel and one by myself. We talk to each other, starting an open communication between two perfumers, coming from two angles, sharing the same passion, following the same star.

    In the future, we will continue to discuss and share how we create perfumes and how we approach the creative process.

    We will do so on two examples: We will work with  FIRE TREE essential oil to create a perfume. And we will work with LINDEN BLOSSOM Carbon dioxide extracts to create a second perfume. Both materials are natural treasures, and challenging yet rewarding to work with.

    We chose Nathan's blog as a platform to exchange and share with our readers. Please visit and leave a comment there to say thank you to Nathan. I will do so in a second. Here you find his post, click here.

    Creating perfumes is not easy, an endless seeming galaxy of raw materials demands a careful selection. While creating and exchanging we will for sure come across many decision making points and we will walk over many bridges.

    One of the bridges we have just crossed together, hand in hand, with an open mind and a heart that sings.

  • post dilution and post extraction

    We diluted what needed to be diluted and we shipped what needed to be shipped.

    And today is my first day without two of my wisdom teeth. And it looks like it is going to be a day fully loaded on and with mefenacid. Well, be it. I guess if you can't change it, accept it. grummel.

    Today sees me preparing more stock mixes on paper for later mixing this week. Right now I plan to mix LE MAROC POUR ELLE, EAU D'ÉPICES, UNE ROSE CHYPRÉE over the next week or so. This means: fiddling with Excel, calculating the formula based on a master formula, printing it out, getting the stock of the raw materials, usually searching for a while, and bringing all together at room temperature. Later it means weighing, mixing, pouring, sweating and deep immersion. But that's a few excel tables away.

  • inlay

    After a great weekend with a lot of jogging and an (almost) new record time (107 minutes) for my 2o km: Back to perfumery. Today we finish putting everything into the shipment boxes and pack everything for a the truck shipments to retailers. And we will do some dilutions of perfume: 50 liters of air and  25 liters of Lonestar Memories. Since we got our heavy duty fire extinguisher I feel a little bit more comfortable doing so. If you ever feel like pouring 20 liters of ethanol: Make sure to prevent spark formation....we prevent electrical charge build up by earthing the equipment (metal funnel and alu cans) using metal wires.

    Anyhow: A production day is ahead!

    And sometime, somewhere, over the rainbow, we  plan to discuss in a meeting with the design gurus the fold  inlay and our plans for autumn 2011. We need to start now discussing when and if we want to launch what in autumn 2011. And how we communicate about it. well.

    The picture of today shows you the inlay, not folded. If you fold it properly, it will hold the flacon neatly in place inside the box. Its color is blue with a bit bling-bling (just a bit) of silvery reflections in the paper (300 gr/m2). The design is perfect but the folding with my clumsy fingers is taking a bit too long.

  • back in normal waters

    Sodeli...(Swiss German for well, well...)

    we are back in sort of normal mode.  Normal mode for end September is packing and dispatching a lot of boxes which is, despite the fact that it is work, a true joy to me. I love to say bye bye to parcels and boxes and wish them farewell on their journey over the oceans or mountains. Thus, we are finishing up the orders from my stockists of last week and then, then...

    I guess then I need a pause and then I will have a look at the latest babe in town. I got a gorgeous thyme CO2 extract to play with, some neroli, more rosmary, Lavender CO2 (out of this world) and litsea cubea and more...thus, happy playing ahead.

    But first: getting ready to finally say bye bye to some big boxes next week. And please:  Enjoy your weekend!

    Today's picture: a rose, scanned.

  • somewhat troublesome

    I was in Hamburg (fish!, steak! and a bit of business on the side)  but felt like coming home one day earlier. Some of you may have realized it: We had the server (not managed by us, but by a big one...)  go down, under some sort of a malicious attack, and we lost the last post and the comments and some other stuff of one day not backed up.

    I need to clean up some of the electronic stuff that is sort of free floating. We have mails existing as i-phone copies thanks to my regular downloading of mails, but do not exist on the server's database. I guess they are in limbo state. And we got other limbo state things to take care of. Of course, as always: servers crash and bend and break down when you are out of time anyhow... more later, I guess, when the limbo is nice and shiny and empty again.

    Picture: Elbtunnel window mirroring canal houses in Hamburg, seen yesterday, before hitting the car for a strenuous ride.

  • after the newsletter

    Yesterday we sent the newsletter off and now we enter the road that will bring us right into the weekend. With the newsletter we aim at addressing interested perfume lovers who do not want to follow the brand on the blog or facebook or twitter but who wish to get a summary from time to time. And I aim at concentrating the brand's development in 3 or 4 wrap-ups over the year.  Later, when I got used to the newsletter communication and when I learned more what works and what does not, I want to add other features. Anyhow: It went out and all those who subscribe to it until beginning of October will enter the draw of a perfume from my collection. We will pick two winners from the list of subscribers on October 1.


    This was a tough week, strenuous and intense.

    Today, we finish some bottle pouring and labeling and if I find time I want to start working on the Pitti video that I wish to publish here. Later in the afternoon it will be my creative free space again;you remember: Tauer declared Friday (afternoon) as his free creative playground time. Today, I want to have a look into ambreine (again) and I want to play a bit with roses.  And I got these samples of neroli and rosmarin....

    But first things first: getting those bottles filled!

    Today's  picture shows you the stand at Pitti, free floating with a lot of free space around it, in a hall that used to be sort of a rail way station hall.

  • Olivier Durbano

    OK. Back again.

    The new kids in town, ROSE VERMEILLE AND EAU D'ÉPICES, are online and as always, I tend to forget the implications like an e-mail box filling ah! and oh!'s and ???. I guess I am a lucky guy these days. Furthermore, we had to do an open heart surgery kind of thing on the newsletter that is scheduled to leave the house in a second... the patient survived, but we needed a stent. Unfortunately, we were not able to convince Magento, the software behind the Tauer Perfumes' website, to send the newsletter out. Thus, my helping IT guys had to  find a way around, with me in the background whining and begging and forgetting that there are more important things in life.

    OK, back again, still thinking Florence (pasta!) and scents seen @Florence.... hmmm: A tough one, I feel like I need to make a few comic strips on that one).

    A few were actually good, worth trying. Let us talk about these. Olivier Durbano's latest was for sure one of them. Olivier is with the same super trooper distributor in Italy, Guido from Profumimport, and our stand always feels like family. A family of noses, perfumers, that care for what they do and each other. Thus, Olivier showed his newest kid in town, too. It is a truly stunning rose, he uses a lot of the most expensive rose oil, and came up with a rose that is truly original, spicy and floral, but never sweet or cloying or soapy. Stunning and very, very wearable for men and women.  You find a recent review on it on Sorcery of Scent by Dimitri. Bottom line: A rose like you do not find it anymore these days, except with a few artisanal perfumers. Available soon from Olivier Durbano and in shops that care for artisanal perfumery, such as

    Must try.

  • back from Pitti wonderland

    We are back from Pitti wonderland.

    What a great place Florence is. I wished I had seen a bit more than the Pitti halls and the hotel room.

    But then: We come back 2011....


    back in Tauer land we have a few boxes and flacons and a more issues waiting.

    Actually, on of the issues is funny, dealing with a total mess customs has done with our parcels. They mixed up parcels and invoices and sent things to the wrong address (we got ours, though) and we are trying to explain folks what should go where when and why...

    Anyhow: Tatata! We proudly presented in Florence the new 30 ml size HOMAGE flacon for the 30 ml UNE ROSE VERMEILLE and the 30 ml UNE ROSE CHYPRÉE. And folks loved it.

    The new products will end up on the shop in a second and we are all very excited. Thus, I will upload the new products with shaky fingers in the next hours. Here a little teaser photo. More to follow...



  • ciao

    And off we go for a few days.  Pitti and Florence: We are almost there!

    In the mean time, enjoy Persolaise's review of UNE ROSE VERMEILLE by clicking here to get to

    I feel like this review is important. And I feel like I need to talk a bit on the Rose vermeille in the coming weeks.

    I will be back next week, with my first newsletter edition (please consider and do not forget to subscribe) ,  more facts on my new babes in town, pictures  and hopefully juicy stories, on perfumery and what happens in the large world of fragrances.

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